Decorate Your Walls: 4 Strategies for Placing Artwork

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With a little thought and planning, you can decorate walls that will coordinate well with your decor. It won’t be a daunting task if you decide where you want to place any pictures or prints and think about how you can make them work into your overall decor.

#1 – Select the Right Pieces of Art

Choosing the right artwork or pictures for a specific wall in your apartment, as stated, doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Once you think about how you want to accessorize your wall and focus on the theme you want to convey, you can find pictures or works of art that will fit nicely with the scheme. Therefore, select pieces of artwork that you can tie in with your decor. Choose pictures you like but make sure they closely relate with the style of your furnishings. For instance, if you have a contemporary apartment, select prints that work well with a modern décor. If your apartment is styled with traditional furnishings, then your pictures should be traditional too. Also, consider the colors of the art as well. The hues and tints in the artwork you select should complement one another and leave an impression on anyone who views them.

#2 – Choose Pictures or Artwork that Fit a Room’s Activities

You’ll also need to consider if the artwork will fit in nicely with a room’s activities. Is the room used for eating, entertaining, simply for relaxing or as a place to read? Choose pictures that reflect the type of activities that take place in the room and that match the room’s décor. For instance, certain pictures or prints are better suited for a kitchen than, say, than a living area. Or, other pictures may work out better in a hallway than, say, in a dining room.

#3 – Consider Other Types of Artwork Besides Pictures or Prints

Artwork does not have to necessarily be limited to pictures or prints. You may want to hang album covers, for instance, on your walls or some tapestries. For example, if you’ve decorated your apartment with retro and modern pieces of furniture, you may want to add album covers of various rock artists from the 70s to enhance the theme. Maybe you have an apartment that contains more ornate, traditional furnishings. Then, hanging a wall tapestry might be a good way to decorate.

#4 – Group and Place Your Artwork on the Wall

Once you’ve made a decision as to the type of artwork you want to place on your walls, you’ll need to decide on how you’ll group or arrange your prints, pictures or other types of art. You may want to simply line pictures up straight across a wall or  place them so they form a shape, like a square or even a triangle. For oil paintings, you might consider including picture lights to highlight the details.

Decorating you walls with artwork can be a fun undertaking. Once you know the basics, such as coordinating the colors of your artwork and choosing art pieces that match your room’s decor, you’ll enjoy arranging them.

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