Creating A Smart Apartment

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Smart Home Control

Smart homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice as people continue to look for new ways to use technology to improve their quality of living, even in smaller spaces. This trend might not have even existed too long ago, but it’s here now and bound to continue to grow.

Adding smart features to your apartment can definitely make your life easier, but which ones are really worth it? Well, that depends on each individual or family and their particular needs and wants. Still, there are some smart gadgets you just can’t go wrong with. Creating a smart apartment will allow you to control a number of your home’s appliances, electronics, and safety features all from your smartphone or tablet.

Most smart home amenities can be broken down into three different categories: lifestyle and entertainment, practicality and functionality, and safety and security. We’re going to take a look at a few things in each one.

Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the more popular smart safety features around is the smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector. These are great for people who are away from home a lot or who have children that are old enough to stay home alone, because they’ll send an alert to your smartphone or tablet every time they go off. Smart smoke detectors will allow you to feel safe when you’re away from the house and give you the option of either calling 911 or silencing the alarm right from your phone.

While there are many smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on the market today, an affordable option is the Nest Protect Smoke and CO alarm. It only costs $35 and can be plugged into your existing smoke or CO detector.

Smart Door Locks

If burglary is a concern of yours, consider buying a smart door lock. Smart door locks are controlled by smart devices using either an accompanying app or a code that can be directly punched into them. This prevents people from being able to pick your locks and helps keep intruders out.

Smart Home Alarm System

A smart home alarm system is another great safety feature to have. You can now keep an eye on your apartment from absolutely anywhere, even while on vacation! The majority of smart home alarm systems come with multiple web cameras and motion sensors, which can pick up any funny business and alert you if someone approaches your place or tries to break in.

There are a few options to consider when choosing a smart home alarm system. For instance, The iSmart Alarm system comes with both door and window sensors (perfect for apartments on the lower floors) as well as motion detectors and cameras, all of which are connected wirelessly and can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet app.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is another consumer favorite. If you live in an apartment where you have your own thermostat, this is great feature to consider — especially if you want to cut back on your utility costs and energy consumption.

Listed among the best smart thermostats in 2017 is the Pick Nest Learning Thermostat. You can control it using your smartphone, and it’s also programmed to learn your daily routine, meaning it will eventually adjust the apartment’s temperature automatically based on your habits. This thermostat is so smart, it even knows when the apartment is empty, at which time it will automatically start using less energy and save you some serious money.

Smart Air Conditioner

Not all apartments come with central air, but some will allow you to install a small air conditioning unit — something particularly great for those smoldering summer months! Of course, a lot of people can see air conditioners as just another expense that they’ll have to worry about. Luckily, smart air conditioners are great for people who want to keep cool but not pay pricey utility bills. By controlling your apartment’s temperature with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to control your air conditioner from anywhere and cut back on costs.

Some smart air conditioners can even connect to your device’s GPS and adjust the temperature by turning their AROs on and off based on your proximity to your home.

Smart Home Lighting

Don’t like going home to a dark, empty apartment? You may want to look into smart home lighting. Who knows, it might even become your favorite smart apartment feature. Smart home lighting systems can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. This allows you to turn on your lights before entering your apartment.

Smart Appliances

Although a lot of apartments are already equipped with appliances, more people are looking to add smart appliances to their homes. That includes things like refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, and even laundry machines, most of which come with the ENERGY STAR seal of approval.

If your apartment building manager allows you to bring in your own appliances, you might want to consider working a few smart ones into your apartment.

What’s Allowed

As most apartment dwellers already know, you need to learn what’s accepted and what’s not when it comes to adding additional features to your home. Check over your lease and, when in doubt, talk to the building manager before making any purchases.

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