Creating a Library in Your Apartment

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Just because you live in small space doesn’t mean you should have to be reading everything on Kindle. If you’re a true bibliophile, you probably leave dozens (or hundreds) of books lying out all around your home. Instead of shoving them under the bed or trying to get your mom to store them for you, you should figure out how to use your books to add color and beauty to your apartment. So how you can display them without looking like you’re on an episode of “Hoarders?” Here are the best ways to incorporate a library into any small space:

Use Bookshelves as Dividers

If you live in a studio apartment or need to divide a single room into multiple sections, consider investing in a pair of large, open bookshelves. You’ll be able to use them to split up the room without actually enclosing it or having to hang anything from the ceiling. A couple of bookcases can make up the wall of a makeshift bedroom while showing all your titles off to guests. Should you ever feel like revamping your living space, you can reposition the shelves to create an entirely new layout.

Display Books in a Hallway

Too often, small apartment owners under-utilize their hallways. Get rid of the dead space by hanging up a few shelves and displaying some books along the hall. You’ll be using your living area to its full potential and make some DIY book art in the process. Find out how much weight your shelves will be able to bear before putting too many books on them.

Turn A Closet into a Library

If you happen to have an unused closet in your apartment or would be willing to store your clothes and other belongings elsewhere, you could create a mini-library. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, put a chair or a bean bag in there and turn it into a full-fledged reading room. Hang up some lights or plug in a few lamps to complete this ultimate bookworm oasis.

Make a Bedroom Library

Who says that libraries aren’t allowed in the bedroom? If you have the space for it, put a matching set of bookshelves on either side of your bed. They will make your bedroom look cozier when filled and can double as nightstands when needed. You could also consider putting a small bookshelf at the foot of your bed in place of a bench or in a corner to create a reading area. The best part is, you won’t have to wander into the living room to grab a bedtime read anymore.

Run Shelves Around the Perimeter of a Room

When you’re really short on space, vertical storage is the way to go. Assuming your landlord will let you mount things on the walls, you can buy enough shelves to put around the perimeter of your living room. Unless you want to hear an unexpected crash in the middle of the night, be sure to secure the shelves properly when installing them.

Put Your Books on Wheels

Kitchen and bar carts are the latest trends in small space living, so why not use some to set up a rolling library? Get yourself a utility cart and fill it with all your favorite books. When you need to make space for guests or feel like rearranging your room, your library will be extremely easy to move around.

Squeeze Where You Can

Books on Desk

If you’re struggling to dedicate an area entirely to your books, you might consider strategically stuffing them in pockets of open space around your apartment. However, it’s important to make their placement look purposeful rather than sloppy. If you have a fireplace that you don’t really use, neatly stack a few towers of books up inside of it. You could also arrange a small stack of cookbooks in the kitchen or pile up your reference books and dictionaries by your desk. As long as you have enough space to walk and eat comfortably, no one will accuse you of hoarding.

Get Bookshelf Furniture

True bibliophiles tend to graduate from bookshelves to book furniture. Shop around for a bookcase chair, which essentially looks like a throne made out of books. You could also buy a reader’s end table and put it beside the couch or bed. You’d never have to walk across the room after finishing a novel again!

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