Country French-Style Furniture: Rustic Sophistication for Your Apartment

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Country French style furniture can be expensive, but they do add rustic sophistication to your apartment. The good news is that if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a big budget for furniture, you can still use several resources to find ones that are used and cheap. Some movers don’t want to bother moving what they own, because some furniture items in this style tend to be bulky and heavy. If you’re willing to rent a truck and haul it yourself, they may give it to you for free or next to nothing. Knowing your options, can help you find great deals on country French-style furniture:

Block Kitchen Island

A solid wood kitchen table with drawers is a popular country French-style furniture item, because it’s so authentic. These are made of solid woods, featuring butcher block style tops. It includes drawers and cabinets, and at first glance you might mistake it for a dresser. You’ll appreciate a block kitchen island if you don’t have counter top space, or if you have a limited amount. The block top can be used for food preparation, and you can store your kitchen items underneath in the cabinets. It’s not a dining solution, because you can’t fit chairs around it. For that you’ll need a round pedestal table.

Round Pedestal Table for Dining

Some apartments have limited kitchen and dining space, and a round table would be more of a nuisance. If you’ve got enough space for it though, a round pedestal table is a must-have country French-style furniture. It’s distinguishable from a regular round table, because of its French design. These tables are reminiscent of the ones found in old country homes in France, and you can even find ones that are antiques. The weight of the table tends to be heavy, so you have to consider the costs of moving it in and then, moving it out when your tenancy ends.

Ladderback Chairs

One type of chair to use with your pedestal table or elsewhere in your apartment is a ladderback chair. The back of the chairs often consists of three rungs, and the back of the chair is contoured. The seats are upholstered with elegant fabric prints, or you can buy ones with finished wood seats and no fabric. Many ladderback chairs are made out of maple wood, and you can buy arm chairs or side chairs.


You can incorporate a county French-style theme in your bedroom as well with the right bed. Convert an existing bed by adding a French country panelled headboard or beadboard headboard. You’ll save money if you don’t have to buy a complete bed. If you need to buy a complete bed, then a sleigh bed or platform bed are two good options to consider. For example, a sleigh bed would work great in kids’ bedrooms.

Bring the French countryside to your home with country French-style furniture. You might be limited to just one room because it can be costly, but that one room can be your haven.

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