Contemporary Urban Design Elements for Your Loft

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Lofts that incorporate contemporary urban design ideas emphasize space and natural elements. Most of the work comes in keeping your items to a minimum to keep the loft spacious and airy. Here are some guidelines for creating a unique urban design:


Many lofts were converted from old warehouses, museums and other spaces into loft spaces. This may be what was appealing to you in the first place, and you want to highlight as much of the original structure as possible. One way to do that is to expose any bricks that remain. For example, hang art on brick walls to help make it a focal point. You can also choose to hang up a mirror or wall clock instead.

Curvy Furniture and Accessories

Straight edged or linear furniture is not a contemporary urban design element, but curved furniture is. Large and curved or circular chairs will make your loft look modern. Smaller round chairs sparsely placed around your loft are also effective to add to the contemporary look. Likewise, cylindrical couch pillows instead of the traditional square pillows will help make your loft appear trendy.

Track Lighting for Your Loft

An easy way to add more lighting to your loft that will help to get rid of shadowy spots here and there is track lighting. These are spot lights, known as track heads, that attach to a light fixture. Track lights can be mounted to ceilings and walls to add extra lighting to the room and artwork displays. You don’t need additional electrical wiring, but it is a fixture, which means you’ll need to get your landlord’s permission to install them. Use track lighting in the sections of your loft you want well lit.

Accent Different Walls

One way to create the appearance of different living areas is to accent the walls with a different color. For example, choose one corner of the loft, and paint those walls one color to indicate your home office area. Paint the opposite corner of the loft another color to create a dining area and so on. Some experts refer to these sections of your loft as “living zones.” It’s a better alternative to using room dividers everywhere. Consider sponge painting to add texture to different living zones, if you’re not painting brick walls. Textured wallpaper is another option that works well in an urban design.

Open Floor Space

By definition, a loft maximizes the use of an open floor plan. However, loft renters tend to forget this sometimes and end up crowding the floor space. This is contrary to a contemporary urban design, which focuses on simplicity and openness. Don’t crowd your floors when designing the floor space for your loft. Limit the number of lamps and plants you put on the floor, and keep it as free of clutter as possible.


When you think of contemporary urban design elements for your loft, metal and stainless steel might be two materials that come to mind. However, wood should play a prominent role as well. Whether it’s the staircase, furniture or photo frames, rustic and finished wood adds to the appeal of lofts in urban design and planning. Buy a piece of oak furniture and display wood art in your loft to bring balance to a contemporary style.

Use these urban design elements to make your loft look distinctive. The great thing about this decorating style is that you get to accentuate what you already have available.

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