College Apartment Moving Tips for Underclassmen

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College apartment moving tips for underclassmen can make transitioning to college life much easier. Review the following tips so that you’re ready for the new semester.


The most basic of college apartment moving tips is to adequately prepare for the new transition. You’ll be busy once you move in and making frequent trips to the grocery or general store right after you move in will prove a hassle. To prevent scurrying around at the last minute, make yourself a move in checklist, the basics of which we’ll touch on later in this article.


If you’re going to have a roommate or two, whether they’re friends of yours, strangers who responded to your ad seeking roommates or people assigned to live with you by the college, you should try to communicate with them before you move in. There’s no need for more than one of you to bring some common furnishings or appliances, so make sure that the responsibility for bringing some items you can share is distributed equally among all of you.

If you’re going to live on your own, you should still communicate with your landlord or the Resident Assistant. Find out what furnishing are included with the apartment so you don’t bring duplicates.


Other college apartment moving tips hinge on one key factor: organization. This means making your move in checklist for college life and double-checking that you’ve packed everything. This also means packing your things in an organized way that makes it easy for you to access your items once you’ve moved in. Although you should bring some things to keep yourself entertained during your free time, don’t bring too many items you don’t need as they will clutter up your living space, which is likely smaller than you’re used to at home.

Move In Check List

The core of college apartment moving tips is the check list. Although this list does not cover everything every individual college student needs when moving into a college apartment, it’s an excellent starting point. Add to or delete from this list as needed; some of these items may be included in your college apartment furnishings. Don’t forget to communicate and see what your roommate(s) may be bringing!

  • Bedroom: Comforter, bed sheets, pillows, bed or futon, drapes, desk, end table, alarm clock, vanity mirror, fan, area rug, underbed storage boxes, dresser, clothes, wastebasket, hamper, stereo, television
  • Bathroom: Towels, wash cloths, hand towels, tub mat, floor mat, shower curtains, wastebasket, shower caddy, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hair brush, hair dryer
  • Kitchen: Microwave, pots, pans, cooking sheets, measuring spoons and cups, serving spoons, cutlery, dishes, glasses, utensils, coffee maker, toaster, tea pot, blender, salt and pepper set, pitchers, oven mitts, hand towels, cabinet organizers, non-perishable food, storage bags and containers, garbage can
  • Living area: Television, DVD player, couch, chairs, end table, DVD shelf, wall clock
  • Other items: Cleansers, vacuum, broom, mop, bucket, garbage bags, laundry detergent, iron, ironing board, batteries, flashlight, storage bins

Follow these college apartment moving tips and starting or returning to your college life this semester will be a much smoother process. Then you can concentrate on the other challenges that await you!

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