Choosing the Right Coffee Table: Form vs. Function

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Most of us think of a coffee table as the low-lying table used as a centerpiece for our living room furniture. However, a coffee table can also be defined as one of the two smaller side tables that lend balance to love seats and sofas. Nevertheless, for purposes here, we’ll concentrate on the “centerpiece” table.

There really is no tug of war with regards to using a coffee table for form or function in an apartment. Both should be equally considered as you’re using the table in a limited space. Therefore, keeping that in mind, let’s look at the ways we can determine which coffee table meets our style requirements, as well as fits into our everyday lives.

Consider Your Overall Decor

What is your basic decorating theme? Is it modern or traditional? This is the first thing you must consider when making a choice. Modern and more traditional coffee tables come in square and round shapes, as well as various kinds of materials, including wood, steel, plastic, glass and bamboo.

Have the Correct Measurements

It probably will do you very little good if you don’t have an idea of the measurements of the area where your table will go. This shoud be your next consideration, after you decide the style of your coffee table.

Determine the Functionality of the Table

When selecting a coffee table, especially for an apartment, you want to make sure the table will meet your lifestyle and basic everday needs. There are many tables that are attractive as well as practical for everyday use. For instance, some leather ottoman coffee tables offer storage beneath the top. Therefore, you can rest your feet on them as well as keep things tidy at the same time. Other coffee tables provide shelving for such items as CDs or books. Here is where function is determined by need as well as personal preference.

Consider the Materials of the Table

Coffee tables are offered in many types of materials, as previously stated. If you choose wood, for instance, consider the upkeep. Not only is daily cleaning involved, but such tables usually require an occasional treatment with a wood sealant or wax to keep them in optimum condition. Glass is a good choice for many apartment dwellers as it lends an open feel to a small space. In addition, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Some think that glass might shatter. However, most glass coffee tables are tempered, and therefore as durable as wood. Plastic and bamboo are also good choices as they are easy to move, especially when vacuuming the carpet.

Determine the Color and Shape of Your Table

The color and shape of the table is also a factor in selection. Darker colors and square tables usually are better used with more traditional living room furniture, while round tables featured in metal and glass combine nicely with a more modern decor.

Whatever you select for your coffee table, one thing is for sure. You won’t go wrong as long as you choose one that exemplifies taste as well as practicality.

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