Choosing from 5 Washington DC Suburbs

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The Washington DC suburbs are extremely diverse. With multiple fabulous neighborhoods, newcomers may be at a loss about where to start their search for a new residence. When choosing a DC suburb, investigate its closeness to public transportation, available parking, crime rates and school systems. Below is an explanation of some of the most intriguing areas and their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Woodley Park

This ultra-high class neighborhood boasts luxurious apartments that open onto the National Zoo. Clean, safe and filled with classic buildings, the neighborhood attracts young working couples with or without children. The wonderfulness of this neighborhood, though, often comes at a hefty price; expect to pay a pretty penny for a one bedroom apartment. Schools are within the DC public system, meaning that they might not be the best funded, but have the best intentions towards their students.

2. Dupont Circle

Young, single hipsters and couples alike flock to this vibrant, energetic area of the nation’s capitol. Filled to the brim with fun boutiques and restaurants galore, the area is never dull. The desirability of the area, though, makes a one bedroom almost unaffordable. With metro stations within easy walking distance, the unlikelihood of tourists visiting the area and its youthful vibe, Dupont is one of the hottest spots in the District. Families beware, though, children may not fit in here.

3. NW DC

With a view of the National Cathedral, NW DC is the home to many famous politicians and regular families alike. Excellent public and private schools, large houses with yards make this area attractive to established DC families. Homes tend to be old, but sometimes revamped to modern standards. With little metro access, though, this area all but requires multiple automobiles and an ease with being far from downtown. Close to Maryland’s high-end shopping district and Bethesda, the area also contains great shopping for its inhabitants.

4. The Hill

Aptly named for its view of Capitol Hill, this up-and-coming neighborhood is home to most politicians and their staffers. Older, divided buildings have been transformed into spacious and affordable housing within a short walk to where most inhabitants work. Beware, however, that at the turn of a corner you might find yourself in an area still untouched by a developer’s tools. Crime still exists here, although the local police are excellent in responding and solving problems. Schools are again within the DC public system and are too being revamped. The biggest downside is the lack of grocery stores and other daily living stores.

5. Adams Morgan

Adjacent to Woodly Park, Adams Morgan is the area younger couples without children have spilled into. Safe, clean and relatively new housing choices attract young professionals. Important too is the ample outdoor space, access to grocery stores, restaurants and Dupont Circle. Rents still cost more than other areas, but are significantly more reasonable, particularly given the large size of most apartments. More of a college area than Woodly Park, the vibe here is definintely energetic.

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  1. October 03, 2010 at 8:05 pm, Steve said:

    These aren’t SUBURBS, these are the different URBAN areas within DC.


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