Choosing a Theme for Your Interior Design Project

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When choosing a theme for an interior design project, you can address many styles. The period styles that fit nicely with the interiors of apartments are Georgian styles, Mission styling, Art Deco, Retro Decorating and Minimalist Decors. Let’s look at each of these room design themes and see if one is suited to your personality.

A Georgian Theme

If you opt for a Georgian theme, you’ll want colors in your apartment to be in muted grays, off-whites, olive, brown or blue.  Make sure you add gilding in your theme as well as decorative molding. Window treatments should include drapes, swags or tie-backs. Upholstery can make use of “Toile de Jouy”-a decorative pattern on a cream or white backdrop that depicts an arrangement of flowers or a pastoral scene. Georgian furniture includes such pieces as winged chairs, French reproduction furniture and roll-top desks. Any furniture that is representative of the Chippendale or Hepplewhite styles of furniture is also an appropriate choice.

The Mission Theme

Also known as “Arts and Crafts” styling, the Mission design theme emerged in defiance to the fancy ornate style of the Victorian era. This type of style is perfect for apartment living as it has a comfortable yet uncluttered look. Mission styling looks to nature for its design. Therefore, choose soft monochromatic earth tones for your walls such as moss, brown, tan, and ochre with cream as an accent. Flooring and doors should convey the look of natural wood to keep in step with the period. Stained glass was also used in this type of decor so stained glass lamps are nice accents.

An Art Deco Theme

Art Deco was an interior design theme used heavily in the 1920s and 1930s and denotes a look of clean and simple lines. You can include such subjects as Jazz music, skyscrapers, or inventions and discoveries of the the 20s and 30s within this theme. Paint your walls in a contrasting color to your woodwork. Try such colors as muted gray with deep blue, bright green, or turquoise. Also don’t forget to add black to your Art Deco look for either furniture or accessories. Pieces made of chrome and mirrors stand out as Art Deco accessories.

A Retro Look

Are you a child of the 60s or 70s or wish that you had been? Then maybe a Retro theme is the style for you. Choose any rich shade of brown for this look combined with tan shades and tones. Or add any colors that are equally deep in tone. Use wall treatments and prints with geometric designs. Scandinavian designed furniture works well in this theme too.

A Minimalist Theme

Choose a minimalist theme for an uncluttered contemporary look. Keep everything simple and use smooth lines. Furniture should be constructed with leather and natural woods as well as chrome, stainless steel and glass for an ultra-modern look.

If you’re still unsure what home design theme to use, peruse home decorating magazines for inspiration. Or, if you like each of these individual room design looks, mix them up a bit for an eclectic look. Whatever you choose, make sure the theme is something that fits with your individual style and personality.

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