Cheap Decorating: Using Candles to Accent Your Space

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Using candles to accent a space is on the greatest cheap decorating tips of all. Candles are extremely low in cost and they can provide for a smooth ambiance and nice aroma in an apartment. Not only are there several different types of candles to choose from, but there are almost unlimited options related to scent. Using candles wisely throughout an apartment is a great way to accomplish cheap decorating and great ambiance.

Choosing a Candle Type

Cheap decorating begins with choosing the type of candle that will best highlight and compliment an apartment space. The selection of candle types is far and wide and includes pillars, votives, floaters, tea lights, jars, gels and tapers. While tea lights are probably one of the most inexpensive candle types, even the higher price candles, like pillar candles, are relatively cheap and can be purchased for probably no more than $10.

When choosing which type of candle to accent a space, it is important to consider what type of mood and ambiance is most ideal. For example, when using candles to set the mood at a dining table, rather than using lighting, taper candles are surely the most effective. These types of candles are tall and thin and can be placed in a chandelier-like fixture in the center of the table.

Candles that are meant to be used on the coffee table or end table should be those that are not likely to fall over and those that are a little stockier in composure. Short pillar candles and tea light fixtures are a great option for this feat. Not only do they provide optimal lighting, but they are also composed in such a way that they are not likely to be top heavy.

Choosing a Candle Scent

The scent of a candle is equal to the mood and ambiance that is conveyed in a room. Scents that are designed for holiday usage, like cinnamon, pine, peppermint and spiced pumpkin can put the occupants in the mind frame of Christmas or Thanksgiving. These are great scent choices for holiday seasons and for putting everybody in the holiday spirit.

Candle scent should be chosen to compliment the room in which it will reside. While some scents are wild and audacious, like bubble gum or cotton candy, they may not necessarily be the scent that will best compliment the nightstand in the bedroom. The bedroom should have a more mellow-scented mood in mind, like vanilla. The choice of scent should be heavily considered when deciphering which room in the apartment that it will be best suited to.

Cheap Decorating with Candles

The last aspect to consider when purchasing candles for an apartment is the cheap decorating that can be done with candles. Tea lights are the cheapest of all candle types and can usually be purchased in a package of 10 for $1 to $3, depending on scent and manufacturer.

Pillar candles and three-wick candles may be slightly more expensive, costing roughly $10 apiece; however, because candles have such a long lifespan, even higher priced candles are still a good option for cheap decorating.

Jar candles are another good type of cheap decorating candle. Most jar candles can be picked up for around $5 and they are secured within a jar which makes for convenient movement and storage.

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