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How to Handle Your Roommate’s Pet

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If you like animals but aren't ready for the responsibility of owning your own pet yet, having a pet owner for a roommate can seem like a great deal. You benefit from many of the perks of having a pet with a fraction of the responsibility. Of course, things don't always go smoothly. Your stuff is just as vulnerable as your roommate's is to cat scratches and stains from dog urine. If your roommate's hamster escapes its cage, it becomes your problem as well. When you agree to live with someone who has a pet, it's best to figure out where to draw the line of responsibility before things go wrong. read more

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Moving With Someone? Find the Right Space for Both of You

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My husband and I just bought our first home. It’s just right for us, but it took a lot of… well, discussions to figure out what “just right” looked like to us. We had different priorities and different styles. We couldn’t agree on whether we were looking for the “right” neighborhood, needed a big kitchen, […] read more

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3 Important Rules For College Roommates

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College roommates naturally spend most of their time together, and because of that, it is important that clear boundaries are set and maintained. Without rules, the chances for stepping on each other’s toes are rather significant. As you approach the move-in date, consider getting together to set some ground rules to ensure that both of you feel […] read more

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Merging Furniture with a Roommate

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Whether you’re going to rent an apartment with a significant other or a friend or a roommate you’ve found, there’s one thing a lot of co-renters forget to talk about before moving day: what furniture do you both have, and what furniture will you actually need? More than likely, you won’t need two sofas and two […] read more

Surviving Squatters: Staying Friends as short-term roommates

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We’ve all had friends who’ve been “between things” or in a tough spot for a short time. We want to be generous with our little bit of extra space, so we offer our spare room or couch, and suddenly have a new roommate. Weeks pass, laundry is strewn or dishes stacked, and suddenly our friendship […] read more

How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive Roommates

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You put your key in the door, rest your hand on the knob and let out a deep sigh before entering. You know that your roommate is lurking somewhere in the darkness with a snide remark that insinuates a bone they have to pick with you, without actually picking it with you. Sharing your space […] read more

Drawing Boundaries for Your Roommate

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This may be one of the most important issues for apartment dwellers – the drawing of boundaries with roommates. As eager as roomies may be to get along with each other, they need to learn how to mesh with the other person. There will be a learning curve, and boundaries makes it easier. Each roommate […] read more

Why a Message Board Is Great with Roommates

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When you have roommates, you will undoubtedly see each other and talk on a regular basis. Even if you don’t, there are a number of ways to connect with your roommate these days, be it through text message, social media, email or even phone calls if they don’t happen to be at the apartment. However, […] read more

4 Important Questions to ask Prospective Roommates

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A new roommate is both an exciting and nerve-wracking thing to have—but a necessary one. As you most likely know, having roommates allows people to afford apartments with amenities, sizes or locations they could otherwise never afford since each roommate is paying a share of the rent and bills. The only catch is that you […] read more