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7 Ways to Be a Considerate Neighbor

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What kind of neighbor do you want to be—or better yet what kind of neighbor would you want living next to you? It is quite the balancing act when your brain is obviously going to be more biased to your needs when it comes to living happily and comfortably. read more

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Non-Aggressive Strategies for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

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Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience, right? read more

Diplomacy with a Noisy Neighbor

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Having neighbors is something that goes with the territory when you live in an apartment and with neighbors can come a whole host of compromises. The most important compromise, however, has to do with making too much noise, as there is just a wall separating one apartment from the next in most cases and that […] read more

4 Ways a Landlord Can Help You

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A good relationship with your landlord is something that many renters desire over their tenancy. Being a great renter  has its benefits, a few of which we’re going to explore. Rent is Due There will come a point in every tenant’s life, where money will definitely be an issue. Perhaps you are falling short of a couple hundred […] read more


Socializing in an Apartment Complex

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If you’re like many friendly, people-loving singles and couples, you’ll jump at the chance to meet other great guys and gals at your apartment complex. After all, the setting is ideal and safe. What better place to meet new pals than on your home turf? You’ve already eyeballed the comings and goings of your neighbors […] read more

Fighting With the Neighbors: When to Involve the Police

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In any apartment or neighborhood, there is very little you can do to select who is around you. Sometimes this causes fighting with neighbors. Knowing when to involve the police when there is a dispute is important to both prevent the fight from escalating and to resolve the problem amicably. First Resort: Your Landlord Your […] read more

Apartment Living: Steps to Take Before Reporting a Rowdy Neighbor

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If your neighbor is particularly rowdy, you might want to think twice before reporting him to your landlord or the police. Sometimes, involving third parties may make the situation worse, or even provoke your neighbor to act even rowdier. Before filing a written report with your landlord or calling the police, try to befriend your […] read more

Is it Safe to Leave Your Pets with Neighbors?

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Deciding whether to leave your pets with neighbors requires a serious assessment of both your neighbors and your pet. Not all neighbors are responsible enough to property care for your beloved animal, and some pets may prefer to board at your veterinarian’s office or at another facility. Consider Your Neighbor, and Your Relationship The primary […] read more

Tips for Mediating Neighbor Disputes

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Whether a landlord or a neighbor yourself, you may at some time or another be called upon to mediate neighbor disputes. As a neutral third party, you can find a mutually-acceptable solution to a problem without the involvement of the police. This can result in a happier living situation for you and all other residents. […] read more