Moving to Boston, MA? Neighborhoods Guide

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By Manuella Irwin With more than 600,000 people living on 48 square miles of land, situated on the east coast, Boston is a city which you will fall for once you experience it. Boston won’t amaze you with a breathtaking skyline, but it will make you fall in love for its vibrant character. This city […] read more


How to Move Efficiently

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Unpakt, a comparison pricing website and online booking tool for consumers searching for a moving company, allows consumers to plan and book a move in a matter of minutes.  Create a home inventory, compare local moving companies, find the best deal and lock in a set price that will not change on moving day… It’s […] read more

Moving an Apartment – Cost and Tips

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By Manuella Irwin What is the first thought that pops up in your mind when it comes to moving? Trouble? Chaos? Wreck? Moving, as exciting as it can be, is a lot of work. From start to end you have to be sharp to enjoy a smooth move. There are so many details you have […] read more

How to Pack Breakable and Valuable Items for a Move

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Packing for a move is the most time-consuming task you might have to tackle during the relocation process. Sure, professional movers offer packing service, but sometimes requiring packing services might increase your moving expenses significantly. Since you likely want to save money on your upcoming relocation and arrange a safe transportation for your valuable items, […] read more

Moving Tips: How to Pack for a Move

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Packing typically isn’t a chore people enjoy, but it is something most of us have or will have to do at some point. While packing before a move isn’t necessarily enjoyable (or easy), it is a necessity. Learning how to properly pack and transport your furniture, appliances, household goods, and electronics it critical to ensuring […] read more

Best Houston Apartments – Great Uptown Area

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The Great Uptown neighborhood of Houston, Texas is one of the most highly sought after locations on and now we’ve made finding your dream apartment even easier. Check out the top five apartment complexes in the area, each of which has glowing recommendations by over 75% of users. Listed in descending order, each […] read more

A Guide to Living in Austin, Texas

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Living in Austin, a city where having character counts and being “weird” is welcomed, is an experience enjoyed by 1.2 million Texas residents. Austin’s culture and lifestyle vacillates between New Urban and classic ways. A place where laid back, old fashioned neighborhoods collide with bustling modern areas, Austin, the capital and fourth largest city in […] read more

What Cleaning and Repair Charges Can a Landlord Deduct from Your Security Deposit?

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Security deposits are used to cover excessive damage done by a renter. They’re kept as a means if insurance, so the renter can’t leave the rental property without paying for damages. To Protect Against Damages Exceeding Expected Wear and Tear Normal wear and tear of the property is anticipated by every landlord, but reckless damage […] read more

It’s All Got To Go: Using a Portable Storage Unit When Moving

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Moving can be a difficult time for any household, but a portable storage unit can help, because they can contain a lot of the furniture and other items that a person is moving out of a home. Typically, the portable storage unit is an alternative to hiring professional movers, and moving individuals or families “self-pack” […] read more