Moving Checklist

An Extensive Moving Checklist

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Whether you’re relocating because of a new job or simply because you want a bigger apartment, moving out is going to require a lot of planning, energy, and, unfortunately, money on your part. When it’s finally time for you to pack up your things, you’ll want to refer to this comprehensive moving checklist to make […] read more

Heavily Damaged Apartment

What Damages Do I Have to Pay For?

No matter where you live or how careful you are, you’re bound to encounter property damage eventually. As a tenant, what damages will you have to pay for? The answer depends on your exact situation, but there are a few things everybody should know about dealing with dinged apartments: Wear and Tear As a tenant, […] read more

Couple Moving In Together

Moving in With Your Partner: How to Blend Styles

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  You met. You fell in love. Now, you’re consolidating furniture. Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship—it means you want to share a life together under the same roof. read more

living room piano mover's insurance

Protecting Your Belongings During a Move: Understanding Mover’s Valuation and Insurance

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Take a quick survey of your friends and chances are, many of them can share horror stories about moving companies that damaged their property during a move. This isn't surprising because lots of things can go wrong. Delicate items can be bumped and broken, boxes can be lost and both your new and old apartments can be damaged during the moving process. Many people assume that a moving company has insurance to cover loss and damage. The truth is a little more complicated. Because companies that offer insurance are regulated by the state, most moving companies do not actually offer insurance. Many moving companies do offer some protection to clients in the form of mover's valuation. read more

white moving storage truck

How To Organize Your Moving Truck Efficiently

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So you’ve planned your move and reserved a moving truck, but you’re not sure where to start with your packing. Maybe you’re a packrat and are dreading sorting through all your possessions, or maybe you’re inclined to throw things out with wild abandon and figure that you’ll just toss everything and have very little to pack. Whatever your situation may be, you’ll need to create a thorough inventory and do some careful packing in order to have a super-successful move. read more

Tips for an Easy and Stress-Free Move

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Moving apartments? “Stress-free” might not be the first thing (or the last thing) that comes to mind when getting ready to move, but following a few of the tips below can help you not only save money during your move but also better prepare you for the big day. Boxes No need to waste money […] read more

Moving Mistakes That Can Break the Bank

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As a rule of thumb, moving house is an expensive affair. And if you’re facing a residential move yourself, you probably already know this indisputable fact either from previous personal experience or through unfortunate relocation stories that your friends might have shared with you. And in addition to being rather pricey, moving is also a […] read more

Protecting Your Apartment on Moving Day

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If you’re moving out of your apartment, there are a number of reasons to fear moving day as its chaotic randomness and stressful unpredictability can jeopardize the success of the entire relocation operation. And, amidst the whirlwind of worrisome thoughts lodged in your mind, one essential question that you must be asking yourself is how […] read more


Things to Arrange Prior to a Cross State Move

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Your interstate move is drawing nearer and nearer and you start to worry that you won’t have enough time to get completely ready for the big day. Relax. We’re here to help you. Just take a long, hard look at all the things to arrange prior to a cross state move, and you’ll have nothing […] read more