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Tenant Security Deposit Cleaning Fees: What Can Your Landlord Legally Deduct?

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Typically, landlords may charge tenants a rental deposit for any cleaning or repairs necessary to restore the rental unit to its condition at the beginning of the tenancy. Landlords may not, however, use the tenant’s security deposit to cover the costs of ordinary wear and tear. Here are examples of wear and tear versus damage […] read more

Facing Housing Discrimination Due to Sexual Orientation? Here’s What You Can Do

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A landlord’s main concerns should be prompt rent payment and the condition of their rental property, not the sexual orientation of their tenant. Unfortunately, housing discrimination is a reality in some cases. An abundance of information found in this article is available on a resourceful legal site called NOLO Law for All site. Rent Denial […] read more

Rental Security Deposit Limits by State

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This chart shows the rental security deposit limit landlords can charge in each state. “No statutory limit” means that the state does not specify the amount landlords can charge. For specific laws in your state, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source: read more

What Cleaning and Repair Charges Can a Landlord Deduct from Your Security Deposit?

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Security deposits are used to cover excessive damage done by a renter. They’re kept as a means if insurance, so the renter can’t leave the rental property without paying for damages. To Protect Against Damages Exceeding Expected Wear and Tear Normal wear and tear of the property is anticipated by every landlord, but reckless damage […] read more

Landlord Facing Foreclosure: Who Gets my Rent?

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When a landlord faces foreclosure, it can create a tricky situation for you as a renter. You might suddenly have a property manager, a landlord, a bank as well as other entities asking you for the rent payment. If you’re not sure who you should make the check out to, here’s what the law says. […] read more

Your Renter’s Rights to Repairs: How To Negotiate Before Signing a Lease

Before signing, it is imperative to negotiate the terms of a lease to address and convey your renter’s rights. Not only does a lease speak to your personal financial agreement, but also it addresses any current and future repairs that might arise throughout the duration of your lease. The Basic Requirements for Renting Properties A […] read more

Who’s Liable for Bedbug Infestations and Bacteria–You or Your Landlord?

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Landlord-tenant laws for bedbug infestations vary from state to state, but in many cases, bedbug infestations can be an issue of landlord liability. Landlords are often, but not always, responsible for correcting bedbug problems in their apartments, especially if the space becomes uninhabitable. Not all states have experienced bedbug infestations, so laws in some states […] read more

Will I Get Interest on My Security Deposit?

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Whether you will receive interest on your security deposit depends on state law and your apartment. If your state requires landlords to pay interest to tenants on paid security deposits and your apartment complex fits within the purview of the law, you will likely receive interest on your security deposit within a few weeks after […] read more

How to Discuss Bill Payment Options with Your Utilities Provider

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Most utility providers have various bill payment options, and it’s preferable to discuss these options with your utility provider. Discussing Bill Payment Options with Your Utilities Provider There are several bill payment options available to customers and these include online bill payment, payment by phone, payment in person, or payment by mail. Smart customers can […] read more