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What to Do When Your Landlord Breaks Your Rental Agreement

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A friend of mine rang my bell. “My landlord just came into my home and took money from me,” he lamented. Indeed, his landlord had thought to save him the trouble of mailing the money and entered the premises, taking the envelope marked “rent.” Did he have a right to do that? No. In this […] read more

What Should you Ask Before Signing a Lease?

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  If you feel slightly overwhelmed when it comes time to sign on the dotted line at lease renewal time, or if you’re considering renting a new apartment and don’t know what to ask, you’re not alone! There’s nothing wrong with ascertaining that you’re on the same page as the landlord or rental agent about […] read more

Renters Insurance

Why You Might Need Renter’s’ Insurance (Or Not)

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Whether you live in an apartment, a rental house, a condo, a coop or even a duplex, at some point in your tenure as a renter, you’ll probably wonder whether you should get renter’s insurance. When it comes to carrying insurance, doing so for your own house or a car is one thing…most people have […] read more

break a lease

How to Terminate a Lease the Right Way

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Things happen. Some circumstances are unavoidable, and breaking your rental agreement is the best option. No matter how dire the situation, do not pack up and leave without notice. Making hasty moves could lead to further headache down the line when getting out of a lease early. You can legally move out without penalties. Just […] read more

Solving Tenant and Landlord Issues

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Since all people have their own opinions, there will always be disagreements.  Because we are unique, no two of us think alike.  In the world of renting, this can cause problems.  In a world filled with introverts and extroverts, issues always arise.  These issues need to be resolved in a civilized manner.  In the world […] read more

Know Your Tenant Rights

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Statistics show that people who rent are generally singles 29 to 35 years of age. This figure does not reflect the number of low income families that pay rent. Considering the rising cost of rent in the United States, we see that a greater number of Americans have decided to rent rather than buy. Data […] read more

Defining Normal Wear and Tear on a Rental Property

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A rental property is a great investment, and can be a good source of income. As a landlord you can expect some signs of wear and tear. However, it is important to distinguish this normal wear and tear from considerable damage, which will need repairs. In cases of actual damage, the security deposit paid by […] read more

Notice Requirements for Landlords Entering Rented Property – By State

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Below are the notice requirements for the amount of notice landlords must give tenants before they enter a rented property (in non-emergency situations). For more details, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source – State – Amount of Notice Required Alabama – Two days Alaska – 24 hours Arizona – Two days Arkansas – No […] read more

Security Deposit Return Laws: Landlord Deadlines By State

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There are laws on security deposit return, particularly on the amount of time a landlord has to return a tenant’s security deposit after vacating a property. For details on your state’s specific procedures for returning security deposits, see your state’s landlord-tenant statutes. Source: read more