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How To Child Proof Your Apartment

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Once your baby starts moving around, you need to know how to child proof your home for their safety. Apart from accident prone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, other areas can be dangerous for your little one as well. This is because living spaces are constructed with adults in mind. Anything from the […] read more

Using a Security System in An Apartment

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For many years, having a security system in an apartment was something that was almost unheard of. This was usually because landlords didn’t permit tenants to drill holes in walls, use staples to run wire along baseboards or ceilings or otherwise perform additions or improvements that require drilling a hole almost anywhere. However, advancements in […] read more

How to Assess Apartment Security: Stay-Safe Tips for Renters

As we enter prime moving season, many novice and veteran apartment hunters may be more focused on finding an affordable apartment than a safe apartment. There’s no need to worry, you can find both by checking for these safety features in any prospective rental. read more

Your Renter’s Rights to Repairs: How To Negotiate Before Signing a Lease

Before signing, it is imperative to negotiate the terms of a lease to address and convey your renter’s rights. Not only does a lease speak to your personal financial agreement, but also it addresses any current and future repairs that might arise throughout the duration of your lease. The Basic Requirements for Renting Properties A […] read more

3 Reasons to Find a Green Cleaning Service

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A green cleaning service is environmentally safe and uses products and cleaning methods that are non-toxic and therefore not detrimental to human health or the environment. Green cleaning services are gaining popularity because they use organic products and lessen their customers’ exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, cancer and various neurological […] read more

How to Clean Marble Floors

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Marble floors are easily scratched and stained, so it’s important that you know how to clean marble floors properly before you proceed. If you or your landlord have the floors buffed and sealed on an annual basis, you’ll be able to clean better with less risk for scratching the surfaces. Tools Needed: Soft bristle broom […] read more

How to Make a Natural Stain Remover

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It’s easy to make a natural stain remover by using ingredients commonly available in most homes. Such stain removers are non-toxic, contain no harmful chemicals. They’re easy on the pocket and equally easy to prepare. Step 1. Gather Your Ingredients Keep the ingredients that you will require to make the stain remover near at hand. […] read more

The Pros and Cons of Granite and Marble Countertops

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Granite and marble countertops are generally used in the kitchen and bathroom. The use of granite or marble for countertops is purely a matter of personal preference as both these natural stones have their advantages and disadvantages. Why Granite Countertops Work for Some People Granite is appealing to people who love a sleek look. Such […] read more

Spring Cleaning Services: What to Consider before You Commit

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Hiring spring cleaning services can help you clean your home at a price, leaving you with free time to focus on other important jobs. Before hiring the services of professional cleaners, you should do some research and ascertain whether they are the right people to deal with. The Fees Charged for Cleaning Your Home In […] read more