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Healthy Space, Healthy Life: Keeping Your Space Germ and Pollutant Free

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We spend a lot of hours in our homes. And as we approach winter, I know I’m getting ready to snuggle in and spend even less time out and about. read more

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Where to Store Your Valuables in an Apartment

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So, you need to know where to store your valuable stuff, eh? Don’t think you’re lucky enough to have any valuables? Well, guess what? You do. OK, so let’s first establish exactly what valuables are. If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that you too have items that you consider dear to you. […] read more

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Recycling Center in Your Complex

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We’ve all heard the adage—reduce, reuse, recycle. But how can you recycle if your apartment doesn’t offer a program, and you don’t know your local recycling resources? Never fear—environmentalists are in every city or town, and want nothing more than to help you learn about recycling—or even start a recycling program of your own if necessary. Whether it’s plastic, aluminum, glass, or paper, there will be people and places that can help recycle almost anything. read more

Beat the Heat: 6 Ways to Stay Cool Without an AC

Are you living somewhere with no air conditioning or on a tight budget and want to keep those utility bills down? Maybe you just want to live a little “greener” this summer. As it starts to heat up, here are 6 easy tricks to keep your cool without turning on that AC. 1. Use Fans […] read more

Healthy Drinks to Make with or Without a Blender

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Do you have a juicer? What about a blender? Have ‘em both, but have limited space? Or perhaps you don’t have either. Hey, no sweat. Keep reading for relevant, tasty, and healthy drink suggestions to concoct in your tiny kitchen. Healthy Drinks Have Nutrients! Whether or not you’ve got the gear to make smoothies and […] read more

Seasonal Allergies in Your Apartment? How to Cope

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So what makes for a particularly bad allergy season, and how do we allergy-proof our apartment? What’s the Weather–Allergy Connection? First of all, allergies can rear their heads at any point of the year. If you’re usually hit around spring time, it may be due to severe winter weather and high precipitation. It’s also the […] read more

5 Ways to Add Safety Features to Your Bathroom When You Can’t Remodel

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Bringing personality into your apartment bathroom is usually pretty high on your list. But before you get too caught up in decorating, remember to make safety a priority. At first, it can seem challenging. I was daunted when I helped some older family members move into a rented condo. I could tell they would need […] read more

How to Enhance the Energy of Your Apartment

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Surely you have walked into many places where the “vibes” were comfy and even a bit invigorating. Perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on what it was about the environment that called to you, or maybe you noticed that the room was painted a certain dynamic hue, or that the lights were a soothing pastel […] read more

Modernizing Your Apartment’s Security

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Looking to add a little security to your apartment? These days you don’t need to install some hefty security system to give you the peace-of-mind that many homeowners enjoy. With huge leaps in technology, apartment renters have tons of options. One such option is the Canary, an algorithm based smart security system that looks like […] read more