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A Guide to Living in Austin, Texas

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Living in Austin, a city where having character counts and being “weird” is welcomed, is an experience enjoyed by 1.2 million Texas residents. Austin’s culture and lifestyle vacillates between New Urban and classic ways. A place where laid back, old fashioned neighborhoods collide with bustling modern areas, Austin, the capital and fourth largest city in […] read more

How Important is On Site Management?

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On-site management refers to an apartment complex which is managed by employees working or living on the property. Larger communities offer residents on-site management as an amenity aimed at keeping them safe and resolving maintenance issues faster. On-site management, however, does not guarantee you a perfect living situation. Benefits and Drawbacks of On-Site Management On-site […] read more

Large Communities vs. Small Communities

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Choosing one of the large communities or to live in a small apartment community depends on your lifestyle and the amenities you desire. Both communities have benefits and drawbacks, and the community that is right for you is the one that meets a majority of your needs. Large Community Benefits Most large communities are run […] read more

Vacation Condos For Rent: Turning a Few Weeks Into a Few Years

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You’ve decided that you no longer want to just visit your favorite vacation destination and it’s time to consider turning those few weeks you spend at vacation condos for rent into a few years. There are a number of things to consider as you look into the possibility. Check to See If That Condo Is […] read more

What to Look For in a Community Pool

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Many apartment communities or other residential neighborhoods boast a community pool as a means to attract new tenants. While a pool can be a great amenity, you may find that its cleanliness, or lack thereof, and other aspects may deter you from using it. Before including the presence of a pool in your decision of […] read more

How to Avoid Paying Broker Fees when Apartment Hunting

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Apartment brokers find apartments for you and they charge broker fees–a one-time fee that usually amounts to 10 to 15 percent of your annual rent–for their services. Since this can total hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, you may be interested in knowing how to avoid paying these fees when apartment hunting. Step 1: Don’t […] read more

How to Find No Broker Fee Apartments

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No broker fee apartments can save you from paying an average of 10 to 15 percent of the annual rent -which can total hundreds or even thousands of dollars – to a broker. There are a couple of ways you can get an apartment without paying a broker fee. Step 1: Do the Legwork Yourself […] read more

How to Prevent Identity Theft when Apartment Hunting

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Knowing how to prevent identity theft is a big part of apartment hunting. If you don’t take some basic steps to protect your identity, you could find yourself the victim of a scam or worse, have all of your personal information compromised. Here are some things to do and things to avoid when searching for […] read more

The Pros and Cons of Paying a Rental Agent Fee

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When using the services of an apartment rental agent (sometimes called a broker), you must pay a rental agent fee at closing. This fee tends to cost between 10 percent and 15 percent of one year’s worth of rent, so you may wind up paying thousands, or at the least hundreds, of dollars. Before you […] read more