Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard or patio at your apartment, the area can be used to great advantage. This is the case whether your outdoor space is an entire patio, a balcony, a mini yard with only enough room for a few flower pots…or even if your “yard” is the landing of […] read more

Decorating Ideas for Blank Walls

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If you live in a suburban area that happens to have more spacious apartments or have just moved into an apartment that is roomier than your last home, you may face the (lucky) problem of lots of blank wall space to decorate. With so many options for decorating, this often leads you to ask multiple […] read more

Bring the Outside In: Apartment-friendly Plants

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Bringing some greenery into your home is a quick and easy way to turn a dull apartment into a relaxing glen of natural beauty. Unfortunately, not all apartments or lifestyles make it easy to keep plants alive. Here are some recommendations for the best plants to match your needs and bring some nature into your […] read more

6 Steps to Creating an Outdoor Oasis for a Small Patio

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A deck or patio is a nice outdoor space, but with a little design effort, it can become an additional room and an extension of your home. Who doesn’t like to spend time outdoors when the weather turns warm (especially those of us who live in northern climates!)? The best way to make the most […] read more

Update Your Home Office

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Remember how you first decided to set up a home office that would be distraction-free, efficient, and elegantly furnished? Since that time, has the room turned into a storage area, party zone, or just been totally abandoned? Refresh the space with a few ideas listed below. The facelift will encourage you to get back into […] read more

Easy Ways to Add Style to a Pre-Furnished Apartment

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Opting for a pre-furnished apartment can be a wise move for many reasons, especially if you’re new to a city or your job requires you to relocate regularly.  The downside to this, however, is that you may quickly find yourself feeling like a guest in someone else’s space.  So how do you make your new […] read more

Art Styles – Which One Suits Your Apartment?

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Visual art can elicit powerful emotions. Once you discover a style which “speaks” to you, your small apartment will benefit mightily from the aesthetic AND psychological uplift. If you’ve decided to bring art into your apartment, it makes sense to select pieces in the styles that you like. After all, you’ll be looking at them […] read more


Neon Themes in Decorating

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What, exactly IS neon and why is it so popular in decorating circles? Neon is a bright idea whose time has come. It’s the use of effervescent color, whether on your furniture, as a paint selection or in the form of actual neon lights. The result? An eclectic and mood-enhancing décor which is ahead of […] read more

What Is Minimalistic Design for Apartments – and What’s Good About It?

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If you’ve ever entered into a minimalist’s apartment, you were no doubt astounded at how beautifully bare everything looked. As used in this context, bare means intentional – as in, there is no item visible which the resident does not mean to have there, and ONLY there. In minimalism, items don’t just end up in […] read more