Buying Furniture: Short Term or Long Term Investment?

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Buying furniture for a new home (in some form) is a must. But, how much must you buy, and how much must you spend make your purchases very important to your present and your future? Whether this is your first move, or your twentieth, most likely you will need to purchase something to accommodate or decorate your new living space. 

Look To Your Future

When you enter your new blank canvas of a rental home, no doubt you will look around and plan how and where items will be placed based upon space and compatibility. It is difficult not to buy furniture based upon your taste, and then force it into your living space.  But, if you are going to buy for the long term investment, furniture should always be purchased on a minimum 10 year plan. If you don’t plan on keeping an expensive piece of furniture for that long of a period, or just don’t know where you’ll be 2 years from now, you may want to consider a less costly and temporary alternative, and save your pennies for a more permanent space. 

Just the thought of moving your 650 lb. Franciscan Ar moire down 3 flights of steps will help you put your purchase into perspective.  But, think smart; if you know you may move in another year or two, you may avoid a number of problems. Cost, damage, and convenience must be a part of every furniture decision you make.

Second Hand Furniture

For a fraction of the cost, you can purchase second hand or garage sale furniture. This will certainly be adequate for any home, and you won’t have to worry about damaging it further. Most likely, the furniture you find at a garage sale in an upscale neighborhood will be of good quality. It may even be the good stuff that the seller’s probably shouldn’t have purchased in their apartment a few years ago, and now they’re just trying to get pennies on the dollar for the past treasures they thought would be part of their home forever. 

Being Practical

If you must buy that Tiffany chandelier right away, try and purchase the items you know will travel well. Your mattress, plasma TV, coffee table, stereo equipment, lamps or smaller items like these are much easier to move, easier to pack, and are less likely to be damaged or chipped in transit.  It’s your larger pieces of furniture that are most vulnerable to damage. 

Keep in mind that as the years go by, your tastes will change. The hula girl lamps you purchased in college may not find their place after grad school. No doubt your styles will continue to mature, so try to make long term investments in your furniture when maturity and a semi-permanent domicile seem to be at hand.

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