Bunk Beds for Adults: Sleeping Solutions for Loft Spaces

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Bunk beds aren’t just for kids, and they may be the best space saving solution for lofts. Adult bunk beds range in size from full to king size. They pose the same risks as kids bunk beds, such as the risk of falling out and injuring yourself. You can take necessary precautions to protect yourself, while getting a good night’s sleep in a bed that doesn’t take up the entire space.

More Room Space

The main benefit of adult bunk beds in lofts is the space you’ll save.  Some bunk beds include a built in work area that you can use for your home office or study area.  You can also pack in more furniture with the additional space that you create, such as a bureau, a chair or table.  You may decide to leave the space you create “as-is” so that you don’t feel so cramped. Traditional beds take up more space, and you won’t have much room to work with in a loft.

Bunk Bed Styles

Adult bunk beds are versatile in style and the materials they’re made from. You can buy anything from wood to metal framed bunk beds, and you can purchase a basic model or a high-end one with all the bells and whistles. What you end up with will depend on what you can afford as well as the decorating style you choose for your loft. For example, bunk beds with metal frames work best in most contemporary lofts. If you’re interested in a more traditional look, then oak wood gives an elegant touch.

Full over full bunk beds are common, but you can also buy queen or king sized beds. Some companies will also build customized bunk beds according to your specifications for an additional fee.

Bunk Bed Features

You can maximize your space even more if you buy a bunk bed with certain features. Some of these features that help to make lofts appear more spacious include:

  • Drawers underneath the beds to store clothing and other items
  • Cabinets in the front or sides of the bunk beds for additional storage
  • Built-in workstation with space for a computer and other electronics
  • Space underneath the last bunk bed for additional storage

It will cost you more to buy adult bunk beds with these features, but it may be worthwhile if it will create more space in your loft. If one of more of these features is not a  high priority, then you can cut costs by buying beds without them.

Bunk Bed Precautions

You may not have the risk of getting wedged in between the railings of the bunk beds like children do, but there are still risks that bunk beds can pose to adults. To avoid those dangers, you should take these precautions:

  • Don’t sleep with another adult on the top bunk
  • Make sure there are guard rails on the top bunk, on all sides
  • Use the ladder to enter and exit the top bunk

These are basic safety guidelines used for kids bunk beds that are just as important for you to follow as an adult.

The key to living in lofts is to find space saving solutions.  Buying an adult bunk bed is one major step you can take towards that in your bedroom area.

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