Beware of Cheap Movers: 5 Ways to Avoid Scams

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Cheap movers may not be cheap after all.  Consumer beware, and be cautious when selecting your moving company.  Below is our list of the most common scams to watch out for when you’re planning to relocate.

Using common sense will be your best tool when making a decision on a moving company.  If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.  Cheap moving companies may fit your budget and sound impressive over the telephone, but you need to make sure what they’re saying is truly what they are doing.

1. Interview Multiple Companies

The most well known moving company may also be the most expensive.  But make certain to speak with a representative from a wide range of carriers. Interviewing a number of companies will also allow you to know what questions to ask and what services to expect for the amount you are paying.

2. Beware of Telephone Quotes

A cheap moving company that gives you a quote over the telephone should immediately raise a red flag. Reputable moving companies will spend considerable time inside your home evaluating how much stuff they’ll be moving for you.  Approximate weight and space of your belongings will be carefully estimated by a good company, so that your cost estimate doesn’t change once they finally arrive to begin your move.  Phone estimates are just guesses from someone who may very well be trying to just give you the cheapest quote possible, knowing that their estimate will change once you’ve agreed to use their service.

3. Watch for Cubic Feet vs. Actual Weight Estimating

Furniture movers who quote you based on cubic feet should be considered carefully. The cost of moving is typically calculated based upon the weight of the moving truck before and after it is loaded with your furniture and belongings. Make sure that you understand how the cost of your move is being estimated.

4. Get a Quote in Writing

No matter what, if you do not have your quote in writing with the guarantee of the moving company, then you may be vulnerable to your cost unexpectedly rising. Anyone unwilling to commit to a price in writing may also be unwilling to compete the job properly.

5. Be Careful Online

Internet searches will most likely be a large part in looking for furniture movers. However, be wary of all companies and their claims based just on price or advertising. As easy as searching for movers may be, you should also take a few minutes to search for customer reviews about them. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent source for customer reviews you can access when looking for information.

If you cannot find anything online, ask the company you’ve chosen to give you a list of references. This way, you can call and speak directly to a former client to find out what issues they encountered during their move.

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