Best Delivery Services to Keep Your Family Full and Happy During Quarantine

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Finding yourself cooped up with your family might seem kind of fun for now, but after a while, tensions can build and cause everyone in the house to become bored and cranky. But as we continue to do our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we’re all going to need to turn to online delivery services and apps to safely receive food, beverages, and fun distractions for the forseeable future.

These delivery services are especially easy to use, and all of them are great for making lockdown just a little more enjoyable:

Dinner Kits

No need to visit the grocery store just to deal with hoarders, picked-over meats, and produce that could easily be contaminated. Lucky for us all, we can have a wide variety of uncooked meals and ingredients delivered right to us, complete with mouthwatering sides and detailed cooking instructions. Conventionally called “meal kits,” here are 15 great options to choose from. If you want more, simply run a google search and start shopping. Not only do these kits come with exactly everything you need to create a great meal, but they also make for a great opportunity for the whole family to learn more about cooking.

Houseplant Rentals

Being homebound can make you view your surroundings in a dim light. And while you can always shop online for a new chair or table, speedy delivery is probably not an option for them right now. But how about some houseplants? A touch of greenery always brightens a dark room, and with Cort’s online delivery service, you just rent out the plants, so you can change out a succulent for a palm tree whenever you wish, or rent a bunch of fun plants for the party you’ll host just as soon as everything’s back to normal.

Clothing Rentals

All your favorite department stores may be closed, but you can still build a terrific wardrobe with clothing rental services. You order what you want, wear it as you wish, and if you don’t like it, simply send it back, postage prepaid. Of course, you can always buy what you like, but what better way to spend this period of isolation than by creating a closet full of new outfits to wear when you’re released? Check out these options and step out in style.

Dishware Rentals

Ever wish you had the flatware and dishes to serve an elegant dinner? How about whipping up an authentic Asian meal with all the right tools and serving dishes? Now you can rent all kinds of setups and keep them as long as you want. They’re also great gifts for weddings and other special occasions, and perfect for anyone who prefers to try out quality cookware before buying it.

Chicken Delivery

If you don’t happen to live on a farm, you probably don’t have any chickens. Thanks to companies like the Murray McMurray Hatchery, you can now have chicken hatching eggs delivered right to your door. A variety of 10 from assorted chicken breeds runs around 50 bucks. They arrive as eggs, hatch into adorable chicks (just in time for Easter), and in no time at all, become egg-laying chickens. Imagine watching the sun rise as you collect fresh eggs for breakfast. If smaller creatures are your preference, have a fun Ladybug Land filled with actual ladybugs shipped to your home. Toddlers love watching them hatch and then setting them free when they mature, and they’re also great additions to flower and vegetable gardens.

Kids’ Sock Delivery

Kids’ socks disappear all the time. No one really knows where they go, but thanks to the FootCardigan sock delivery service, you’ll always have a fresh pair for those little feet. These socks are wild colors, too, so your kids are sure to love them. Two pairs arrive every month, so with any luck, you’ll always have matching pairs on hand.

Japanese Candy Delivery

CandyJapan Subscription Box

Traditional candy bars are never a bad idea, but they can’t compete with Japanese candy. After all, they have bold flavors like cherry blossom Kit-Kat and exciting oddities like fizzy soda gum. Kids go wild over these unique sweets, and through services like CandyJapan, they can look forward to their delivery twice a month. An extra treat is the colorful traditional Japanese anime packaging each treat is hidden in.

Board Games on Demand

Remember spending hours playing board games as a kid? The experience of playing a board game is always a good time, and you can learn a lot about your friends and family members in the process. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can now hop on board game apps and play with people all over the world. To go totally retro, board game rentals are easy to have delivered to your door — and easy to sanitize before you roll the dice. From games that debuted just a few years ago ago to old classics like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and Clue, you have plenty of time to play them all.

Drinks to Your Door

No matter how resilient you are, a glass of wine, a cold beer, or a frosty cocktail at the end of the day can often offer a priceless calming effect. No reason to go to the store to see what’s left on the shelves though, because you can have any or all of it safely shipped to your door. In fact, a couple on one of the infected cruise ships had a case delivered to them via drone while they were quarantined. Your ordering process should be much simpler.

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