Benefits of a Dorm Room Loft

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A dorm room loft is a necessity if you value having as much space as possible. It can solve multiple problems at once, such as providing a bed and work area at the same time, while giving you the freedom to move around without bumping into things. These are widely available in retail stores, but there are also plans available if you are skilled at carpentry or know someone who is. You’ll enjoy the many benefits of a dorm room loft, such as:

Maximize Floor Space

A dorm room loft will help you create additional floor space because of its vertical structure. If you were to breakdown the loft and set it on the floor, a significant amount of space in the room would be lost. You can use the additional floor space to move around or store other items.

Create a Cozy and Private Study Area

Some lofts already include a computer workstation, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to create your own workspace. A simple computer desk and chair is enough room to get all of your work done. You can drape blankets over the bed portion of the loft to enclose the space even more, giving it a cozy feel.

Freedom of Movement

A dorm room loft bed will create extra floor space, and you may want to keep it free and clear so that you and your roommate can move freely about. If you had two beds in there, you wouldn’t have as much room to move around, and you both would feel cramped fairly quickly. That makes for a stressful environment, which could cause many conflicts. While a loft won’t stop all fighting, having one certainly helps to reduce unnecessary ones caused by a cramped space.

Miniature Living Room

With some creativity on your part, you can create a miniature living room underneath the bed portion of the loft. Hang a curtain, throw in a couple of bean bags or other chairs that would fit, and an end table, and you’ve got yourself a living room. It would be impossible to create one outside of the bed space, because a dorm room is notoriously small. You can even hook a DVD player and television set in your “living room.” Your guests will have a place to sit, and a set up like that can give your room an environment that feels like home.

Create Closet Space

If you don’t spend much time in your room, then you can still utilize the space under your bed. One of the best uses may be to create an additional closet space. You can hang up your clothes, keep them in chest drawers or plastic bins, or store them in a luggage. There are many organizational structures for clothing that will fit well underneath the bed, and keep your clothing and shoes well organized.

Keep in mind that a dorm room loft will have to be dissembled and moved out when you move out. It may be easy to do, if you choose a lightweight frame, but if you use wood, then you’ll have to factor in costs for renting a truck or getting help to transport it.

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