Bedroom Painting Ideas for Couples

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Couples do a lot together, and that includes looking at bedroom painting ideas for sprucing up the master bedroom of a home. The bedroom color choices you make may be more important than you think. Here are some popular options for couples who are looking at a color renovation for bedroom decorating or color choices for a brand new home.

Split Color with Chair Rail

For some couples, it’s really important that each individual have a hand in choosing colors. Maybe the two of you just can’t agree, or find a compromising hue in the paint catalog. The solution? Use the molding commonly called chair rail to create a bi-color wall. Chair rail is the simple molding that runs around the room at a few feet off of the ground. It’s more common in dining areas, but it can be used in bedrooms to neatly split the color of a room. That way, you have two colors to pick, and more chance of reaching a consensus.

Keep on the Sunny Side

Choosing warm colors like yellow or light red can help you to stay in a good frame of mind in your bedroom. Even if things get heavy, for example, when the couple has to talk out difficult decisions at some late hour of the night, at least you won’t feel like you’re sitting in a closet. Avoid the somber blues, browns and greys that may drag down a bedroom’s color scheme.

Match Furniture and Appliances

That double vanity in the corner may be the neatest thing in the book, but if it clashes with your walls, it’s going to look strange. Also be sure you match the bed frame and other pieces to give your bedroom a harmonious look.

Evaluate Wainscotting for Your Bedroom

Some people might think it a little odd to put wainscotting in a bedroom, or even anywhere else in a house, for that matter, but it’s really an individual style decision. Some who like an old-fashioned look for walls consider wainscotting a nice, dressed, up look. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, wainscotting is the setup where wood panels cover the lower part of the walls. The wainscotting often goes up to a chair rail, where the wall above it is painted. This option leaves you with less to paint. It’s purely a matter of deciding if wainscotting would look good with the rest of the design choices you’ve made for the room.

Decide on a Game Plan

Your bedroom color choices and other room ideas may all be tied together, to represent the design philosophies you share as a couple. Decide if you want to stay simple (with off-whites, eggshells, etc.) or go creative with bright, vibrant colors. Each smaller decision should fit a larger pattern, so that when someone is walking through the house, their color journey makes sense and shows a specific intent.

All of the above are tips for making those choices about what kinds of color you want in your bedroom.

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