Bedroom Paint Decorating Ideas for Serene Sleeping

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There are a number of bedroom paint decorating ideas that will make your bedroom a serene haven for sleeping. You just need the right information. Therefore, the following bedroom decorating ideas can aid in giving you a head start in choosing the right paints and colors for a restful interior design theme.

Consider Your Paint Choices

Because the bedroom does not receive as much traffic as some of the other rooms in your apartment, like the living room, kitchen or bath, the paint you use does not necessarily need to be as long-lasting. Therefore, you can choose from more muted textures as flats and soft glosses for your interior design theme. For a lower sheen, choose semi-gloss traditional latex paint. This paint works exceptionally well on doors, molding and trim.

Cool Shades

To maintain an aura of tranquility, cool shades are ideal in providing a soothing, comforting feeling in a room. You can use complementary colors, such as blue and pale lilac, or differnt hues of the same color, such as a soft evening blue and robin egg’s blue. These kinds of cool shades also visually enlarge a room. Therefore, they offer a calming effect, as well as give the room a more expansive look, which is extremely helpful if you live in a small habitat (such as an apartment).

The shade of the ceiling should be lighter than the walls to give the look of greater heighth. Design your room using paint colors that are analogous. For example, violet and green combine to make the color blue. Therefore, using shades from each of these colors provides harmony, and therefore, a peaceful color scheme.

Blue is the most common color used for creating a tranquil effect. Normally, such a cool color works well with an earthy tone such as green or brown to maintain a neutral ambience.

Muted and Pastel Colors

Muted and pastel tones are always well-received for peaceful sleeping. Such muted, neutral colors as beige or ivory offer you the latitude of infusing an unanticipated bit of color. They also work well in making changes with regards to seasonal decors.  

Fabric Textures

By using softly muted colors of paint, you’re given the ability to employ textures that will optimize the shades you’ve selected. You can provide an extra dimension this way by incorporating materials in your window treatments, bed covers and floor coverings that emphasize the subtle color variances in the paints you select. For example, if you select to color your walls in the color sand, make sure your lamp shades or window treatments are also the same color to bring the whole color dynamic together.

Adding Interest

You can add interest to your overall design theme if you faux paint a wall. Faux painting kits are available for sale, which give a wall a marble, velvet or silk look.

Make sure that you are well-equipped to colorize your room, and that you have the sufficient supplies, such as rollers, roller pans, the varying sizes of brushes for woodwork and trims, masking tape, and the ever essential drop cloth. The above painting information can be used to help you create a comforting place to escape the stresses of the day. Adopting the above suggestions will indeed help you realize that goal.

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  1. October 03, 2009 at 6:23 pm, Holly said:

    You are right on with cool shades being the best way to make a room have a calm feeling. I hate it when people paint their bedroom bright red or yellow. You want to relax in your bedroom, not feel like you need to be up and moving around.


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