Bedroom Design Ideas for Teens

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Explore several design ideas before you choose what’s right for your teen’s bedroom. With a bit of ingenuity and planning, you can create the perfect sanctuary for your child. Brainstorm with your teen to come up with a theme that’s easy and affordable to accomplish. Here are some ideas to help pique your creativity:

Use CDs and Record Albums as Wall Art

If your kid’s a music-lover, use this when decorating. Adorn the bedroom with old CDs or vinyl album covers. Since many teens listen to MP3s or iPods, it shouldn’t be a problem using their old music collection as decorations. You can also find cheap CDs and record albums at discount stores, tag sales and thrift stores.

Design a border out of CDs or 45 rpm records. First, remove the actual disk from the case so it will be lighter to hang. Then attach the cases or covers to the wall with adhesive strips or removable adhesive putty. Create a line pattern along the rim, or mid-section, of the bedroom wall.

More Music Room Touches

Try and select your teenager’s favorite music groups to put on display, from pop to rock and hip-hop artists. To build on this theme, hang band posters and display concert memorabilia around the room. Lastly, a shag throw-rug completes the vibe for this funky bedroom.

Decide on Bedding Options

A good way to illustrate any theme is to select the appropriate bedding. After you choose a pattern for the bedding, work your way out to enhance the rest of the room. Bedroom decorating can be easy with the use of interesting fabrics and throw blankets. Whether your child likes animal prints, Victorian designs or modern looks, you can add a lot with comforters, pillow shams and bed skirts.

Hollywood Glamour Bedroom

The decorating ideas are endless when you think Hollywood. With a focus on glitz and glamour, you can create a contemporary or vintage bedroom for your child. For example, you could go with a retro Hollywood theme. Start by accenting the room with frilly and fringed touches. Then place a vintage stand-up mirror next to a 1950s-inspired chair. Incorporate other special furniture for your glamour girl’s room such as a makeup vanity and an old-Hollywood chaise lounge.

For wall art, hang black and white posters of starlets like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

Rev Things Up with Sports Themes

Sports themes are more popular than ever for both boys and girls. They include baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, gymnastics and cheer-leading. The Extreme sports category is also exciting for bedroom decorating ideas. This look includes snowboarding, motocross, X Games and skateboarding themes.

Select carpeting for a sports room. Team carpet tiles are ideal for giving your child’s room a one-of-a-kind look that you can easily apply in a few hours.

Include a Place for Work

Setup an area for a computer or other work station in your teen’s bedroom. Consider a modern computer stand or art table like those available at IKEA. Accent the room further with a contemporary floor lamp and storage catty for supplies.

With a little creativity, a special place for your teen is not far away.

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