Bedroom Decorating: Bedding Basics

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Bedroom decorating is fun because it’s all about creating a room that’s comfortable and inviting to you. As opposed to other public rooms in your apartment, your bedroom is the place where you can truly decorate as you please—especially in cases where you live with a roommate. Since the bed is generally the centerpiece of any bedroom, you’ll want to put some thought into the kind of bedding you use and how it relates to the overall design scheme of your room. Here are some bedding basics as you decorate the room.

Bedding Should Fit in with Your Furniture

Generally, the kind of bedding you select should match the furniture you have in your room. This shouldn’t be difficult, as your taste in furniture is bound to match your taste in bedding. For instance, if you have a low-sitting minimalist platform bed, you probably don’t want to use a big bulky floral print comforter with lots of ruffly pillows. A simple solid color comforter is a better option, as it matches the decor and furniture in your room. Likewise, if your furniture is blonde wood, really dramatic and dark colors may look a little out of place.

Pillows Are an Inexpensive Touch

Accessories, be it in decorating or with your wardrobe, are the most inexpensive way to update and revive what you already have. If you’re wanting to change up your bedroom decor a bit or make it look a little more styled, consider purchasing some throw pillows for your bed. Especially if you have a solid colored comforter, pillows can add some extra flair and make the room seem more sophisticated. Pier 1 is a great store to find pillows of all varieties. If you’re crafty, consider finding the perfect fabric and making your own pillows or pillow covers.

Duvets are Versatile

If you’re one of those people who embraces changes and is constantly changing your mind, buying a duvet may be the best option for your bedding. Duvets are slip covers for your comforter and work best with down or down-alternative comforters. One of the big benefits of using a duvet is being able to wash it easily. Unlike a bulky comforter that you have to take to the dry cleaner (or stuff in an industrial sized washing machine), duvets are easily removed and aren’t much larger than a sheet. If you like to change your bedding according to the season or just like to switch things up from time to time, duvets are a good choice for your bedroom decor.

Bed-In-A-Bag for Easy Decorating

One of the simplest ways to coordinate your bedding is to purchase a bed-in-a-bag package. They’re sold virtually anywhere that sells bedding and contain a comforter, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a bed skirt, pillowcases and shams. It takes the work out of putting together your bedding.

Choosing your bedding is all about finding something that will make your bedroom inviting to you. Above anything else, go with what you like.


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