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Displaying Your Green Thumb in an Apartment

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You love to get your fingers in the dirt and root around for the most ideal spot for your new sproutlings. In fact, that’s what you did up until moving into your new apartment. What to do with your green thumb, now? Plenty, as it turns out. You can bring living green into your home […] read more


Apartment Living With a Pet

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Many apartment dwellers experience lean times when they are scraping to pay the rent and food bills. Perhaps they are sharing their abode with others in order to defray expenses. At that point in their lives, they most likely will not entertain the idea of adopting a dog or cat, due to the extra expense […] read more


Living in a Tiny Apartment

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So you’ve brokered a sweetheart of an apartment deal. You’re about to wake up mornings facing the rising sun in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the south of France. Or perhaps you’ll be sitting pretty in the Big Apple’s Lincoln Center area, on a top floor overlooking Central Park. There’s no mistaking the amenities; […] read more