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How to Prevent a Break-In

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It’s not a pleasant topic, but one that merits at least a few minutes of your time. Break-ins occur. We read a statistic recently that break-ins take place once every 15 seconds. Certainly those doing the breaking-in don’t have a personal agenda to rob your apartment; in fact, they probably don’t even specifically target apartment […] read more

Emergency Measures around the Apartment

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What do you do when you have an apartment emergency on your hands and your on-site maintenance crew has packed up their tool boxes for the holiday? Or let’s say you have a plumbing or electrical issue and you live in a complex that doesn’t HAVE ready access to a superintendent or maintenance crew? Here […] read more


Living in Luxury Apartments at Economy Prices

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If you’re paying rent that’s way over your head and you’re not in the least bit happy with what you’re getting for your hard-earned cash, why not take a moment to explore your options? Sometimes, the grass IS greener on the other side (depending on what you’re looking for). Unless you’re obligated to stay in […] read more

What Rental Management Looks for in Tenants

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You found the perfect apartment – a five-story walk up in the prettiest part of town – and there’s a dog park nearby for Fido. You applied with the rental or property management firm and you’re waiting to hear. It’s only been a few days, but every time you pass by your erstwhile new home, […] read more

What to Look for in Senior Apartments

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Congratulations! You’ve decided on a Senior Apartments community and you couldn’t be happier! Now you just need to know what to look for and what to expect. Senior habitats came about when it was discovered that folks over a certain age prefer living in a community of persons who are in similar circumstances — and […] read more

Nature and Apartment Buildings

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Whether you live in a concrete jungle or have scenic vistas from your balcony, if you can get to a woodsy area, you might want to give “forest bathing” a shot. Shinrin-yoku – or “forest bathing” in Japanese – has been found to reduce anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, anger and stress. Along those lines, visionary architects in […] read more

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What’s Your Roommate Profile?

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Do you love the idea of sharing the rent, but dread the very concept of having to split the apartment down the middle (or in quarters)? This may be due to the fact that you haven’t honed in on your roommate profile—that all-important gauge of the sort of roommate you’d make, and of the personality […] read more

Socializing in an Apartment Complex

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If you’re like many friendly, people-loving singles and couples, you’ll jump at the chance to meet other great guys and gals at your apartment complex. After all, the setting is ideal and safe. What better place to meet new pals than on your home turf? You’ve already eyeballed the comings and goings of your neighbors […] read more

Rid Your Apartment of Pests the Natural Way

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It’s been found that pesticides and herbicides cause a whole slew of health and environmental problems, so it’s no wonder many people are looking for natural remedies for their pest issues. Here are a few steps you can take to deal with the bugs while avoiding dangerous chemicals: Step 1 Bugs—roaches, water bugs, silverfish and even spiders […] read more