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Breakfast Ideas for Small Apartment Kitchens

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  So you have a typical apartment kitchen…not the sort of space that has you whirling around a huge all-purpose chopping table/storage cart island, eh? Even if you did have a larger set-up, you’re too busy rushing around in the a.m. to do much more than pour out a bowlful of Kashi, sprinkle with sugar […] read more

New to Renting? The Basics: What You Need to Know

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Renters run the gamut from those who have been renting their whole lives and are now in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond to folks who are completely new to renting an apartment. The latter category includes new residents or immigrants (Welcome!), and those who’ve always lived in a (non-rental) house, a condo, a coop or […] read more

De-cluttering To Make Your Apartment More Livable

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Many apartments are big on character and tight on space. That’s just the nature of the beast. If you’re in a large building complex, these units have been designed to be situated closely together to allow for the building of more rental space – very often back-to-back (or side-door-next-to-side-door). This maximizes profits for the owner […] read more


Working from Your Apartment

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Have you always wanted to work from home? All you need is to find something you’ll do well and for which you will be paid on an ongoing basis. The amount you’ll be able to pull in depends on the skill sets you parlay and the hours you put into pitching, publicizing and producing. Some […] read more

Saving Money on Heating and Cooling in Your Apartment

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In the summer, your A/C makes 90- and 100-degree weather bearable, and in the winter, thanks to your heating, there’s no need to walk around your apartment wearing woolens and gloves to keep from freezing. But your astronomical bill during the height of these seasons must have alerted you to the fact that HVAC usage […] read more

Drawing Boundaries for Your Roommate

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This may be one of the most important issues for apartment dwellers – the drawing of boundaries with roommates. As eager as roomies may be to get along with each other, they need to learn how to mesh with the other person. There will be a learning curve, and boundaries makes it easier. Each roommate […] read more

Making Second-Hand Furniture Work in Your Apartment

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Decorating and furnishing your apartment with second-hand or throw-away items…it doesn’t sound so promising, does it? However, once you’ve tried it, you’ll see it’s a great and thrifty idea, especially when you’re first starting out, or if you’re short on cash. You may especially be strapped if you’ve just moved. Moving can take its financial […] read more

Best Bike Cities for Renters

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Do you own a bike? More important, do you ride? Then you already know the many facets of bike riding without which you’d be plenty bereft: you get around quickly, cheaply, lightly; you can opt for a scenic route without worrying about running out of gas, or of car-friendly roads; you can pull your dog […] read more


Effective Noise-Reduction for Apartments

  There are few things more frustrating than moving into a cute new apartment that has all the comforts of home, sports newly renovated facilities, and suits you to a “t”… only to discover that the acoustics are bad: you hear echoes, and the ceilings and floors reverberate so sharply that a simple walk through […] read more