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Art Styles – Which One Suits Your Apartment?

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Visual art can elicit powerful emotions. Once you discover a style which “speaks” to you, your small apartment will benefit mightily from the aesthetic AND psychological uplift. If you’ve decided to bring art into your apartment, it makes sense to select pieces in the styles that you like. After all, you’ll be looking at them […] read more


Neon Themes in Decorating

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What, exactly IS neon and why is it so popular in decorating circles? Neon is a bright idea whose time has come. It’s the use of effervescent color, whether on your furniture, as a paint selection or in the form of actual neon lights. The result? An eclectic and mood-enhancing décor which is ahead of […] read more

Studio Apartment Challenges and Unique Solutions

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OK, so the main challenge of living in a studio apartment is that everything will more or less have to go in one centralized location. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We’ll show you how to contend with, and make the most of, living in a somewhat boxed-in area…as well as how to break […] read more

Dealing with City Grime and Noise

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Welcome to the 21st Century in Metropolitan America! We’re tech-savvy, intellectually advanced, globally attuned and humanistic multi-taskers. The industrial revolution in the 1700’s and 1800’s, which some might say started us on the path to the afore-mentioned attributes, also provided us with some reminders that progress isn’t necessarily squeaky clean; nor is it silent—ergo, grime […] read more

What Is Minimalistic Design for Apartments – and What’s Good About It?

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If you’ve ever entered into a minimalist’s apartment, you were no doubt astounded at how beautifully bare everything looked. As used in this context, bare means intentional – as in, there is no item visible which the resident does not mean to have there, and ONLY there. In minimalism, items don’t just end up in […] read more

Want to Liven up Your Entry/Hallway? Here’s How

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Is there a hallway in your apartment which you’ve entirely overlooked? Is your entryway just an area which you and your guests sort of “have to get past” in order to enter the apartment? Time to rehabilitate your much-maligned entry, if so! There’s no need to waste this valuable floor and wall space! Got a […] read more

Utilize Your Apartment’s Old Tension Rods

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Ah, tension rods! Those versatile plastic poles that come in all sizes…and are able to provide wall-to-wall fabric hanging without your having to drill holes in said walls! What a wonderful invention! “Why, that’s how I’ve secured my shower curtain,” you might say. Or, “The gauze curtain in my picture window is held up by […] read more

How to Enhance the Energy of Your Apartment

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Surely you have walked into many places where the “vibes” were comfy and even a bit invigorating. Perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on what it was about the environment that called to you, or maybe you noticed that the room was painted a certain dynamic hue, or that the lights were a soothing pastel […] read more

Bringing Herbs into Your Apartment’s Kitchen

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  Many tantalizing, easy-to-prepare meals can be made even more delectable by the addition of a few simple herbs from your garden. More important, these dishes can be made spectacularly healthy with the addition of a few natural herbs. Healthy? How could something so insignificant in size help with health? You’d be surprised at what […] read more