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How to Throw a Successful Party in Your Small Apartment

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  So you’ve just moved into your new apartment and want to celebrate with all your friends. You’ve bought a blackboard, colored chalk, and balloons—come party day, everyone’s going to know which door is yours! The only issue is that, as you look around, you realize your space is too small to fit everybody and […] read more

What Should you Ask Before Signing a Lease?

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  If you feel slightly overwhelmed when it comes time to sign on the dotted line at lease renewal time, or if you’re considering renting a new apartment and don’t know what to ask, you’re not alone! There’s nothing wrong with ascertaining that you’re on the same page as the landlord or rental agent about […] read more

Pets Perfect for Small Spaces

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OK, so you’ve been eyeing your friend’s terrier forever and you’ve decided that it’s time for you to bring one of those little tail waggers home for yourself. Well, congratulations! There’s nothing like having a mascot—the sound of muffled scuffling and scratching at your front door can’t be beat at the end of a long […] read more


Update Your Home Office

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Remember how you first decided to set up a home office that would be distraction-free, efficient, and elegantly furnished? Since that time, has the room turned into a storage area, party zone, or just been totally abandoned? Refresh the space with a few ideas listed below. The facelift will encourage you to get back into […] read more

8 Serious Decluttering Tips for Serene Apartment Living

                        Are you intent on streamlining your apartment? Do you find yourself getting too close to pack rat territory with all the clutter you’ve accumulated? Do the piles of magazines, paperwork, photos, and assorted paraphernalia make it hard for you to find anything, and […] read more

Seasonal Allergies in Your Apartment? How to Cope

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So what makes for a particularly bad allergy season, and how do we allergy-proof our apartment? What’s the Weather–Allergy Connection? First of all, allergies can rear their heads at any point of the year. If you’re usually hit around spring time, it may be due to severe winter weather and high precipitation. It’s also the […] read more

Maintenance Guy Not Due for a Week? DIY It!

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So you’re a fortunate tenant: you’ve got a landlord who’s accessible and comes through, when you need repairs. However, this time around, for whatever reason, those few things you need to have fixed around the apartment will have to wait a week or so. No problem. Chances are that it’s not that much of an […] read more


Condo’s and Rentals: Apartment Living In Both

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Consider this: you’ve decided you like apartment living, and have seen a few condo listings, but don’t have the faintest idea as to whether it’d be better to look at condo listings or apartment rental listings. What’s the difference, anyway, and, importantly, what’s it like to live in each? Good questions. Let’s first tackle a […] read more

Lighting – Make It Bold and Functional

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When we move into a new apartment, we’re usually eager to scope out the amenities and the storage areas, the square footage for our furnishings, and the floor—to see what sort of covering we’ll need, if any. But the lighting? It barely rates a once-over…unless the fixtures are unique and REALLY make an impact. For instance, […] read more