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Organic Garden Supplies: 5 Alternatives to Pesticides

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Organic garden supplies include organic fertilizers, pesticides and gardening equipment. Studies have shown that organic gardening is healthier for both plants and people, and it’s possible to have a beautiful and productive garden without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Here are five organic alternatives to pesticides: 1. Garlic You can make a […] read more

How to Draw Up a Sublet Lease Agreement

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A sublet lease agreement is an agreement between your roommate or a subtenant and yourself. A sublease is the renting out of your apartment or a portion of it to another roommate. A sublease can also mean subleasing the whole property to a subtenant who pays the rent to the actual. The tenant generally pays […] read more

Hunting Dust Bunnies: Ways to Keep Hard Wood Floors Clean

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Dust bunnies are small gray lumps of hair, dust and other particles, generally seen under couches or other furniture in your home. These dust bunnies are known to cause allergies, so you should clean your home at least once a week in order to get rid of these harmful elements. Hard Wood Floors Although hard […] read more

Three People, Two Rooms: How to Divide Living Expenses

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If you have three people living in a two bedroom apartment, you may be confused about how to divide your living expenses. While typically living expenses between two roommates are divided equally, a third roommate makes the calculation a little more difficult. Base It on the Bathrooms If two of the three roommates are sharing […] read more

When to Give Your Notice to Vacate

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If you have recently purchased a home and are waiting for the sale to close, it can be difficult to determine exactly when to give a notice to vacate to your landlord. Even though closing dates are set by your real estate agent, bank and lawyer, they are estimates more than anything. In reality, the date […] read more

No Wall Needed: Horizontal Murphy Beds

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Horizontal Murphy beds are a perfect solution if you live in a small apartment with a low ceiling. Such beds are ideal in lofts, attics or basements and can be raised and folded horizontally on their side when not in use. Horizontal Murphy Beds A horizontal Murphy bed requires enough wall space to cover the […] read more

How to Clean Bathroom Grout

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The grout around your bathroom tiles, tub and sink is made up of a mixture of water, sand and cement. It is generally white in color and rock hard in consistency and helps keep the tiles in place and water from seeping through to the floor beneath. Follow the tips below to learn how to clean bathroom […] read more

How to Find No Broker Fee Apartments

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No broker fee apartments can save you from paying an average of 10 to 15 percent of the annual rent -which can total hundreds or even thousands of dollars – to a broker. There are a couple of ways you can get an apartment without paying a broker fee. Step 1: Do the Legwork Yourself […] read more

Is it Safe to Leave Your Pets with Neighbors?

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Deciding whether to leave your pets with neighbors requires a serious assessment of both your neighbors and your pet. Not all neighbors are responsible enough to property care for your beloved animal, and some pets may prefer to board at your veterinarian’s office or at another facility. Consider Your Neighbor, and Your Relationship The primary […] read more