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How to Maximize Your Garden Design Layout

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A garden design layout is a plan that can be adapted to a backyard or an apartment to create a beautiful garden and landscape. Garden design may be done by the owner of the property or a professional hired for the job. A good layout can increase the beauty of the garden while maximizing its available […] read more

How to Care for Your Kitchen Herb Garden

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A kitchen herb garden is easy to grow and can provide your family with fresh herbs throughout the year. An herb garden can beautify your apartment and help you get rid of some of the waste in your kitchen. An herb garden should be easily accessible, preferably on the kitchen windowsill. This is because most herbs […] read more

How to Deal with an Alcoholic Roommate

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If you live with someone that has a drinking problem, you must know how to deal with an alcoholic roommate. Dealing with an Alcoholic Roommate If your roommate is an alcoholic who often gets aggressive and violent, it would be right on your part to insist that he should stop drinking if he wants to continue […] read more

3 Placement Tips for Your Indoor Composting Bin

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An indoor composting bin is an excellent way to convert household waste such as food scraps and yard trimmings into compost, which can be used as potting soil for plants. Materials can be composted using a special type of indoor bin if you don’t have space for an outdoor compost pile. Here are three placement […] read more

Large Communities vs. Small Communities

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Choosing one of the large communities or to live in a small apartment community depends on your lifestyle and the amenities you desire. Both communities have benefits and drawbacks, and the community that is right for you is the one that meets a majority of your needs. Large Community Benefits Most large communities are run […] read more

3 Tips for Preparing Square Foot Gardening Soil

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One big advantage of using square foot gardening soil is that your plants get the nourishment they need, because the ground is fertile. Because the space is not walked on, the soil is never compacted. Square foot gardens are ideal for small spaces because you don’t need to plant in rows, but instead use the […] read more

How to Design a Square Foot Gardening Layout

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A square foot gardening layout is essential to the success of your harvest, because the idea is to grow more plants in less space. Planning and designing a garden requires a lot of time and thought. The layout for a square foot garden should consist of squares that have an area of one square foot. […] read more

4 Vertical Gardening Ideas for Your Apartment

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There are several vertical gardening ideas that can you make use of to grow a large number of plants in a limited space. A vertical garden allows you to work upwards instead of outwards, and this not only helps to increase the yield of your crops but also ensures that all plants get the necessary […] read more

Will I Get Interest on My Security Deposit?

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Whether you will receive interest on your security deposit depends on state law and your apartment. If your state requires landlords to pay interest to tenants on paid security deposits and your apartment complex fits within the purview of the law, you will likely receive interest on your security deposit within a few weeks after […] read more