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6 Ways to Declutter and Rework a Room for Good

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Apartment living space is often limited, so for comfort and visual appeal, it is important to keep clutter to a minimum. By learning how to declutter, not only will your apartment look better, but also it will open up the space and make it feel larger. Decluttering is not as overwhelming a task as you […] read more

4 Ways to Find a Roommate

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Finding a roommate shouldn’t be a difficult task if you plan ahead of time. If it’s the first time you’re looking for a roommate you need to keep a few things in mind so that you can share your apartment with the right person. Determine the Type of Roommate You Want Before you actually start […] read more

3 Types of Indoor Compost Bins

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There are several types of indoor compost bins available in different sizes and shapes. These include metal bins, plastic bins and homemade wooden bins. 1. Metal Compost Bins Metal compost bins are relatively expensive when compared to other types, but they’re also more durable. Metal bins do not absorb the smell of the organic waste […] read more

Fighting With the Neighbors: When to Involve the Police

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In any apartment or neighborhood, there is very little you can do to select who is around you. Sometimes this causes fighting with neighbors. Knowing when to involve the police when there is a dispute is important to both prevent the fight from escalating and to resolve the problem amicably. First Resort: Your Landlord Your […] read more

How Important is On Site Management?

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On-site management refers to an apartment complex which is managed by employees working or living on the property. Larger communities offer residents on-site management as an amenity aimed at keeping them safe and resolving maintenance issues faster. On-site management, however, does not guarantee you a perfect living situation. Benefits and Drawbacks of On-Site Management On-site […] read more

How to Use Containers in Your Patio Vegetable Garden

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A patio vegetable garden with containers can help you make the most of your patio and provide you with a daily supply of homegrown herbs and vegetables. It’s important to ensure that you place the containers in such a way that they get plenty of sunlight. Use nutrient rich soil, water your plants well, and […] read more

6 Recommended Plants for Indoor Vegetable Gardening

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Most people don’t realize when they attempt indoor vegetable gardening that vegetables that are grown outside can also be grown indoors. However, the size and yield of plants grown indoors will be smaller than those grown outside. Here are six plants that can be grown indoors: 1. Tomatoes Varieties of tomatoes that yield small fruits, such […] read more

How to Hunt for Flea Market Finds for Your Apartment

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Furnishing an apartment can be more expensive than you think, unless you turn to flea market finds for the majority of your purchases. You can find many items in excellent or refurbishable condition if you know how to hunt for the best deals. Step 1: Scour the Classifieds Pay attention to the classifieds section of your […] read more

3 Reasons to Find a Green Cleaning Service

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A green cleaning service is environmentally safe and uses products and cleaning methods that are non-toxic and therefore not detrimental to human health or the environment. Green cleaning services are gaining popularity because they use organic products and lessen their customers’ exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, cancer and various neurological […] read more