Art Styles – Which One Suits Your Apartment?

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Burgundy Bedroom

Visual art can elicit powerful emotions.

Once you discover a style which “speaks” to you, your small apartment will benefit mightily from the aesthetic AND psychological uplift.

If you’ve decided to bring art into your apartment, it makes sense to select pieces in the styles that you like. After all, you’ll be looking at them daily!

Importantly, the paintings, prints and photos you choose will speak volumes about who you are.

Wondering where to put them? In general, larger pieces go over long couches and sizeable furniture. Situate different sizes of art besides each other. Don’t worry about matching styles. Your personal gallery is going to have pieces that resonate for YOU. So you’ll likely put up an eclectic collection.

But how does one become acquainted with art? And WHAT, exactly, does one purchase?

Where to Buy Art

Are you at a loss as to where to purchase art? The answer is simple, really. Go online. What could be more convenient? Select lovely art selections from the comfort of your own home or office. Top-of-the-line art collectibles are now online. Art dealers have caught a whiff of the blossoming art movement. The demographics, they realize, are huge, and a large part of this audience is internet savvy. Google: Prints and Posters and Original Artwork and Prints.

Or Google the artist you like, find out where his or studio is located, and GO THERE, if they’re local, and if their studio is a public access one.

Can you imagine the thrill of standing in the middle of the floor where the artist who creates what’s going to hang on your apartment wall does his or her thing?

Or e-mail, if they’re too far. Maybe they’ll ship you their pieces.

I heard the collective sigh. “Sounds great. But I STILL don’t know what to buy!” Gotcha. You’ve yet to come up with the sort of art style that most appeals. Let’s see if I can help.

Discovering Your Art Style

OK, so you aren’t sure if Warhol’s stuff moves you and you can’t afford Robert Frank’s photographs. There are plenty of WAY equally gifted artists here, there and everywhere.

One trick is to ride through town on a day when flea markets and garage sales are going strong—usually weekends, but some really good sales get their start Fridays. Once you espy a bonafide art table among the offerings, you’ll know the person who’s selling their stuff, or maybe a family member, has original artwork.

Experiment. Stop by flea markets in your own neighborhood, or, if you live in a big city, check out the thrift shops and art galleries that line the sidewalks on arts-and-crafts weekends. Flip through the prints and examine the frames or canvases.

The great thing about this up-close method is that you can see the dried globs of oil paint or waterpaint, marvel at the pastel strokes and smell the acrylic. If you like purist styles—pencil or charcoal—your fingers might pick up a smudge or two but that’s another way of getting a feel for the art work!

A Few Popular Styles

You might research Popular Art, Pop Art, Art Deco Art, Renaissance Art or Art Nouveau. Visit your local library or Barnes and Noble and look through an over sized art book. Jot down the names of styles or artists whose work make you feel what the artist must have felt while they were drawing or painting.

Want to buy prints of the most popular art of all time? Throughout history, famous artists included Rodin, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Velasquez, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. Interestingly, most of our well-loved artists were not “discovered” until after their death.

Affordable Frames

Has this happened to you? You’ve bought the artwork of your dreams and found it affordable but you were stunned by the cost of the frame. Sometimes the art piece is less costly than the price of having your collectible framed. No sweat! Buy a do-it-yourself framing kit.

You might, however, still have to have the mat done. (The mat is what separates the art from the glass.) FYI, if you can get to an art school, the students there would LOVE to accommodate you in that regard.


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