Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Extra Money?

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A luxury apartment offers a whole different experience that is often worth the extra money. There are many amenities that accompany this type of living and they can really spoil you. Weighing out what works for you when considering luxury living is essential to the specific quality of life you are looking for. This choice may not be for everyone although for some it is exactly what they are looking for.

A Door-Person Can Be Very Convenient

Many buildings that have a doorman or woman, advertise as a luxury residence. This can be misleading as it is one in many amenities possible. If the building you are considering only has a door-person then the extra money you may pay in rent or a purchase need not be too exorbitant, especially if they are part-time. However, a full-service door-person is a huge convenience. They will not only open the door for you, especially when weighed down with bags, but can accept packages, open your apartment for workers, friends or family and also act as building security. Check out your potential door staff and see how they treat the tenants.

Concierge Services Mean Higher Rent

If a building has a concierge it usually has a door-person as well. This is a duo that can work well for you and your neighbors creating a seamless, near perfect living environment. Usually having this service indicates a superior building so the cost per square foot will usually be higher. The above mentioned perks of having a door-person become tenfold with a concierge added into the equation. They do everything from accepting your packages, announcing a guest, getting you a cab and finding whatever you may need to make your life easier.

Porters, Play Room & Pools

  • Porters are the silent workers that fix anything and never complain. Having a team of good porters means that you will never lift a finger if something breaks. The inclement weather will never impede your way and your hallways will always be vacuumed.
  • Play rooms are very popular in family buildings. It is like having your very own pre-school. Play rooms can also be rented for parties or private classes.
  • Pools in luxury buildings are envied by many urban dwellers. When the temperature soars the pool is like an oasis. When the temperature drops not only is it a steaming blanket, if the building is really high end, there may even be a hot tub, sauna and steamroom available.

Roof Deck, Running Track, Gym

  • Roof decks give tranquility high above the mayhem. They offer a place to read, do yoga or tan.
  • Running tracks are a rare amenity that offer inspiring views while exercising.
  • In-building gym spells never having to drive or trudge to your workout again. It also spells high-resale. Luxury apartments often invest heavily into acquiring or maintaining an in-house gym.

Other Amenities

Some additional money worthy perks include an indoor parking garage (some with a car wash), valet service, top of the line appliances, speaker systems and intercom service.

Beware of The Golden Cage

A luxury apartment means extra responsibilities like tipping, high monthly maintenance billing and a door staff that knows your every move. If you are looking to save money or remain anonymous, luxury living may not be for you.

2 Responses to “Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Extra Money?”

  1. December 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm, Tucupey said:

    Good article. I would only add that you should ask about the conditions for renting the “play room” In one place with a great space, I asked, and they only allowed it to be used for 3 hours or less, ending before 9pm any night of the week, with a $500 deposit. In other words, almost never… The short story is, if it has too many conditions for use, it is mostly for show and not a real ammenity. The same applies to any other ammenity advertized.


  2. December 04, 2013 at 4:14 am, Subashviyer said:

    Good article. But one point missed out is: who buys such flats. Only high level income group who works hard and find no time to live in house/flat. their working environment is almost 20hours a day; thereafter to club to meet clients or relax themselves. If the spouse is housewife, she will engage herself some other activities and return home/flat late night. Their children right from Pre-KG they put in a school spending one hours for plying. Also children from nursery onwards put on tuition and when in secondary school, in addition to tuition extra curricular activities, etc. So in total for all the people husband, wife, and children they practically have no time to enjoy the amenities like swimming pool, gym, and above relaxing in the exotic ambiance. then why buy such apartments?


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