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Who wouldn’t want a vacation rental or an apartment with a pleasing view, right?

It might not be on your list of druthers – you know, that checklist of what you absolutely MUST HAVE for you to sign a short-term or long-term lease – but it’s way up there in terms of features which are mighty persuasive!

If, however, you DO happen to have that particular item on your list as criteria number one, let’s see what we can do to help you find an apartment which has a view either so panoramic or so soothing that you’ll be thinking that you can forego criteria numbers two and three.

I mean, who REALLY needs a huge living room to entertain in when you and your guests will be oohing and ahhing in front of the natural scenery the whole time?

OK, so here are a few areas-with-a-view to entice you into getting away to a new part of the world just for exploratory reasons…or to consider moving to the town in question (if you’re not already there).

  • Tribeca Apartments is located in, of all places, Brisbane, Queensland, in Australia. Reputed to have unbelievable city views, this hotel/apartment address is popular among vacationers for its scenery. As it’s atop a hill, apartments in this locale offer not only beautiful views but lots of opportunity for fun, as you’ll be exercising a’plenty, hiking up and down the hill. You are advised to try to finagle a top floor facing the city…or a pool/beach view. Might be worth a stopover on your next out-of-country vacation! See link here:


  • Hunter’s View in San Francisco has recently been unveiled (again) – turning dilapidated housing into affordable housing with superb views. Built on ground that’s hilly, this new design offers spacious apartments and great scenery. Renters in this, the Bayview-Hunter’s Point of the city, have access to all the usual renovated amenities. “This is so beautiful [that] I feel as if I’m in a five-star hotel,” one of its residents is quoted as saying. It re-opened in 2013. See link for more information:


  • Dreaming of moving to Ecuador, with its snow-capped, high-altitude mountains, ivory-white beaches and banana plantations? This little South American country is celebrated for its whale-watching and “Poor Man’s Galapagos” attractions. As this area is still affordable, it’s starting to attract Americans as a retirement spot. The city of Quito, for example, has great infrastructure and excellent rentals. Want to rent short-term to check it out? You might choose a site overlooking the largest park in the city in Quito – Carolina Park. Stunning string of mountains are clearly visible in the background. Price: $70 per night. See:


  • Frisco, Colorado – The crystal-clear 10-Mile Creek is a great backdrop for sundecks, balconies and patios. You’ll take in breathtaking views and wander around towns with quaint mission-style architecture. The town has a Marina, majestic mountains, skiing and historic little towns. Hundreds of brand new residential units have gone up recently. Go here to learn more:



  • In Maui, there’s a 55-mile road to Hana that provides stunning photo ops, but, better yet, you’ll want to feast your eyes and gape a while! Windsurfing, hiking and a dormant volcano represent nature at its loveliest and most serene. Pricey rentals but, when you and a few pals chip in, it’s affordable. Have you heard about the burgundy-hued sand in the area? Rated the number one vacation spot and beach in the U.S. by some independent surveys. See link:


  • Destin in Florida has a beach that’s ranked #1 of all Florida beaches – and that’s saying a lot, as Florida has a ton of fantastic beaches. This small, ex-sleepy fishing village is actually a peninsula connected to the mainland of Florida by a bridge. If you think tall Queen Anne palms, a pristine pool and sunny Florida skies make for a good view, you’ll love it here. See this link for a studio apartment that’s going for $896. Rental is at nearby Fort Walton Beach.


Remember, think positively.


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  1. June 13, 2016 at 7:12 pm, Luke Smith said:

    I think everyone wants a home with a view, I think it makes it easier to come home then. I would love to have a home with a view of the mountains, and know that they are right there. I'll have to tell the real estate agent that is what I am looking for.


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