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Having a pet brings a new type of life and energy to your apartment. Of course, animals are naturally meant to be outside, so when they become your pets, each will have different requirements for their happy, comfortable lives. In other words, some apartments work better for some pets than others. Below are some details on which pets work best in which apartments, so you can be sure not to put your pet and yourself in an uncomfortable living situation.

Apartments with Big Balconies

Apartments with big balconies are ideal for birds and, ironically, for cats. Considering your birds will most likely be in a cage, being outside on a large, covered balcony is as close to ideal as possible. The only concern with bird cages on a balcony is the weather becoming too cold or a very serious storm blowing in that could hurt or terrify the birds. But other than the birds being a tad noisy and bothering a neighbor, the balcony will mitigate the bird cage smell from your apartment and make the birds themselves feel as if they are in a relatively natural environment. And while you might not want to have both animals in the same apartment, cats are ideal for balconies as well. Obviously you will want your cat to be able to freely go in and out of the apartment (invest in a cat door), but the balcony allows a place for the cat box to live, removing that scent from your apartment as well. It also allows the cat to lounge in the sun and get some fresh air whenever it chooses, adding to it’s already laid-back lifestyle.

Animals that are not good for apartments with big balconies: Dogs. People end up leaving their dogs on these big balconies, which isn’t terribly comfortable for the dog and can often lead to incessant barking, upsetting neighbors and landlords alike.

Ground Floor Apartments

Ground floor apartments are ideal for dogs. Obviously, the bigger the ground floor apartment the better, especially for a bigger dog. But because dogs tend to bark, having a ground floor apartment will help to keep this barking to be as audible in many cases. It will also make the life of the owner easier, as dogs have to be let out to go to the bathroom regularly and this will keep you from having to walk up and down stairs each time. Allowing a dog easy access to an area where it can run around on a regular basis is ideal for its happiness.

Most animals are good for ground floor apartments. Birds on ground floor patios could be more vulnerable to cats or other predators, though they’re usually safe in their cages.

Apartments with Lots of Light

Apartments with lots of windows and light are ideal for cats. Even if there is no balcony and the apartment is very small, a cat will lounge in the sun coming through the window and be able to gaze out on a regular basis, filling most of their already languid days. There’s no concern about a cat making noise and reacting loudly to what it sees out the windows, like a dog may; there’s no chance of the cat overheating and suffering serious health issues like a reptile might. A cat will just observe, quietly.

The Best Pet for Any Apartment

Regardless of the size, shape or amenities in your apartment, the best pet is undoubtedly fish. Fish tanks come in many sizes and can fit into just about any room. They require regular attention every day, but don’t take up any more time than a dog being walked or the time it takes to change a cat box. While they lack the companionship of cats, dogs and even birds, they’re much cleaner and more efficient to take care of.


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