Apartment with Stairs: Hire Movers or Do It Alone?

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Some things in life are just worth paying for, and if you have money to do it, you should hire movers to help move into an apartment with stairs. In addition to the risks of suffering back injuries, you could end up with a bill for damaging the apartment building during the move. Friends can be well-intentioned, but if they don’t have experience moving heavy furniture, a piano or electronics, then the best they can do is apologize for any damage done. Unfortunately, apologies won’t spare you from the physical pain that you could suffer, or pay for repairs.

Experience Moving with Stairs

While this may be your first or second attempt to move into or out of an apartment with stairs, the movers you hire will most likely have done it many times. They know what to expect, and they have the experience to solve problems on the spot. You’re at a disadvantage when you don’t hire movers, because you don’t have that experience. No two apartments are alike, and you shouldn’t approach the situation, thinking that there won’t be any problems. It’s better to plan for the worse, or better yet, let the movers do that.

Equipment for Stairs

You’re also going to need the proper equipment and tools to navigate furniture and other items up and down stairs. For example, furniture straps, pads, moving gloves and moving blankets are just a few of the moving equipment that movers use to safely and securely move your belongings. You probably don’t own much or any moving equipment already, and it doesn’t make sense to buy them. When you hire movers, the company sends everything that’s needed to make the move successful.

Health Issues

Injuring your back is a horrible experience. The pain is excruciating, and it could result in medical treatment. You may also have to stay home from work for weeks while you heal, and in the worst case scenario, that could result in job loss or lost wages. If you attend school, you could fall behind in your coursework, because you may not be able to attend classes if you’re injured. If you file an insurance claim, it could result in higher premiums down the road. Making a decision to not hire movers have a snowball effect that’s not financially, physically or mentally worth it. Save your back and avoid many hassles, by hiring professionals to get you into or out of an apartment with stairs safely.

Movers Cost

The cost to hire movers is a legitimate concern, especially when you also have to pay rent, a security deposit and for utilities connections. The further away the apartment, the more the move costs. It also costs more to move into an apartment with stairs, because there are so many health and safety risks. The final bill could be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Do what you can to find the most reliable and affordable movers, and budget in advance for it. Despite the costs, it’s worth the investment for the time and pain you’ll save.

Check client references before you hire movers, to confirm that they are effective for moving items into an apartment with stairs. You should also ask people you know for referrals.

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