Apartment Safety: Five Items to Have in Case of a Tornado

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When spring time rolls around, you can’t control the bad weather. For apartment safety, there are a certain number of items needed in case of a tornado.

1. Weather Radio

A weather radio is necessary to have in case of electricity being lost. Severe thunderstorms can cause power outages and are known to produce tornadoes. Having a weather radio that has a strong antenna and that runs on a 9-volt battery is the best way to be able to keep up with any impending twisters.

2. Flashlight or Lantern

A heavy duty flashlight needs to also be with the emergency kit. In case of power outage the flashlight(s) will allow both visibility and security. In the case of having to travel to an outside storm cellar, a water proof flashlight is the best option to have on hand. While candles are a preference by some to provide light in a room, a flashlight is a much safer alternative. Candles can be knocked over, potentially causing a fire. A lantern would produce more light, and can be set down in the cellar to give the room more light. Either of these items should be added to the emergency kit.

3. Blankets and Pillows

Each person in the family should have a blanket and/or pillow to cover themselves in the event of a tornado. Each person should cover their body with the blanket and use the pillow to cover their head as best as possible. For young kids, place them in front of an adult with the adult hugging the child against the adult, and cover both with a blanket.

4. Cell Phone

Rather the storm shelter is outside of the house or located in the inside basement, a tornado kit should have a prepaid cell phone. During the time that the tornado sirens begin, taking out time to locate the cell phone from a purse or coat does not need to be done. By placing a fully charged “emergency” cell phone in the tornado kit, this will ensure that the regularly used phone will not have to be taken to the shelter. In case of someone being injured during the tornado, or being trapped in the shelter, having this prepaid phone with you will be a lifesaver.

5. Food and Water

Depending on where you live and how severe the tornado damage was, having some bottled water, some canned food and plastic silverware in the emergency kit might come in handy. Even if you are trapped for a few hours, having essential foods and drinks on hand will make the situation a bit easier. If power is lost due to the tornado, having canned foods and non-perishable foods and drinks stored up will help ensure an easier transition until power can be restored.

6. Toys for the Kids

It is a good idea to always keep one of your child’s favorite toys in the cellar to help calm the child. Having something that they can hold and be comforted by will help the situation a little bit. If you do end up being stuck in the cellar due to debris from the tornado, having a few coloring books or toys on hand will help the little ones pass the time a bit easier.

It is always best to be prepared for tornadoes. Having a complete survival kit before hand is always a good precaution. By having a stocked survival kit in the basement or cellar, chances are you won’t be caught off guard. If the sirens sound, the only chore necessary is to gather the family and head to safety. The survival kit might now seem important now, but in the event of a tornado, it can make all the difference.

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