Apartment Safety: 5 Items to Have in Case of a Hurricane

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Apartment safety is important if you live in the part of the country where hurricane season is a yearly danger. Prepare your apartment with items that will help you ride out the storm in safety. Many of these items become hot commodities once a hurricane is on its way, so instead of battling it out at the store over the last bottle of water, get a kit together now to have on hand when needed. Keep all the items in one place in your apartment, so you know where they are if you need them quickly.

1. Water

People are capable of going without food for quite awhile, but water is a necessity. Stock up on some bottled water to have in any emergency situation where you may lose power. Keep in mind that you will need water for other things as well besides drinking. If the utilities are no longer working, you will need water to cook with and to flush the toilet and bathe. You may also need clean water for any scrapes or cuts in a emergency situation.

2. Non-Perishable Food

It is always a good idea to keep a back up supply of non-perishable food in the apartment to have on hand in case of a hurricane. If the power goes out, items in the refrigerator and freezer will start going bad pretty quickly. You also may find that those items in the refrigerator and freezer require more cooking than you will have available to you during such a situation. Canned non-persihable items that last a long time and can be eaten without heating if necessary are a great idea.

3. Flashlights and Batteries

Flashlights are very important to have during a hurricane or any other emergency situation. Keeping one on hand for each person in the home would be a good idea. Remember to stock up on batteries as well though, because you never know how long you will need to use the flashlight for. When the power is out, you will be very thankful for something as simple as a flashlight.

4. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit with the basics you may need in a situation like this is very important. Many times in hurricanes, injuries occur from flying debris or damage to your home, and having basic antiseptic and bandages would be a life saver. Also, try to have an extra supply of any necessary prescription medicines that you cannot go without. If you happen to run out during an emergency situation, then you will have a back up in your kit.

5. Battery Powered Radio

Keep a small radio on hand that is battery powered so that in emergency situations, you can use to hear emergency announcements and any important information being relayed from city officials. They may be able to tell you where to evacuate to or where to go for food and water if needed. Again, remember to keep extra batteries as well, to allow the radio to operate as long as needed.

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