Apartment Rental: Storage Spaces When Moving

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Rental storage spaces can be life savers when you’re moving from one apartment rental to the next. It’s not just convenient for long distance moves, but local moves also. There are times when you have to move out of one apartment and wait for days, weeks or even months to move in to a new apartment. In between moves you have to store your things some place.

You might also need storage if you’re renting an apartment that’s too small for you things, and you expect to live in the apartment temporarily. There are many circumstances that may require you to look into rental storage spaces. Here are some considerations if it comes to that:

Assess the Storage Space at Your Next Apartment

Don’t assume that you won’t have much storage space in your next apartment, strictly based on the square footage. There might be storage units that you’re not aware of, and the landlord may allow you to store your items elsewhere on the premises. In that case, it would be more convenient to have your items in your apartment, even if you have to keep them in containers and boxes. If you have to rent storage space on the premises, it’s still more convenient than traveling to rental storage spaces off the premises. You’ll also give your landlord more business, which may help to build a good relationship with him. If none of these are options, then consider rental storage spaces as a solution.

Evaluate and Compare the Costs

It takes more money to use rental storage spaces than just the cost of renting the unit on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You have to factor in fuel costs to get to the storage unit and insurance that you have to pay to get full replacement costs, in case of theft or damages. Your renters insurance may cover your belongings in storage, if it’s global or worldwide insurance. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for protection, which adds to your storage bill. If storage costs exceed one third of your rent, then it’s time to consider some alternatives. Find creative storage solutions in your apartment, or sell your assets if you can’t store items with family or friends nearby.

Research the Area

Where the rental storage spaces are located makes a huge difference. It doesn’t matter how much security there is, a unit in a neighborhood with a high crime rate poses a risk to you and to your belongings. Avoid those areas, and find safe locations instead. If you’re moving long distance, or are unfamiliar with a neighborhood, you should do your research about the area before renting an apartment there anyway. The cheaper rent is not worth the risk to your safety.

You can find Rental storage spaces that are climate-controlled in most areas, but there may be some facilities that don’t offer that. Only rent storage space that’s climate-controlled to preserve the items while in storage. The last thing you want is for your electronics, computers or other devices to overheat in storage.

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