Apartment Redecorating: 4 Bright Lighting Ideas

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One aspect of your apartment redecorating project should be to add more bright lighting. Proper placement of lights can help to highlight artwork and furniture, but it can also make completing everyday tasks that much easier. A brighter room can do a lot to lift your mood, and make your apartment decor stand out. Here are few ways to improve the lighting in your place:

Idea #1 – Simple Tubes

If working in the kitchen is often frustrating because the lights are dim, you should consider adding simple tube lights underneath cabinets.  You’ll be able to use it to prepare foods, but it can also add to the general kitchen lighting. You can buy bright LED lights or incandescent light tubes, but keep in mind that the latter can give off a lot of heat. Some cabinets may already have these installed, and all you might need to do is replace the bulb and use it more often.

Idea #2 – Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can add style to any room and are an affordable solution for any apartment redecorating project. They’re also great to have if you want to add bright lights to the room. Lamp shades do tend to make the room dim, but there are floor lamps without shades that you can choose from. If you want to use a shade, try a paper shade which will give you a lot of light in the room. Some floor lamps have multiple bulbs on each lamp stand, that can make your living room or other living space that much brighter.

Idea #3 – Table Lamps

In addition to floor lamps, you can also add table lamps to light up your apartment. The same rules for floor lamps applies to table lamps, except you may be able to use other types of lamp shades and still have a bright room. You can place table lamps on end tables on either side of your couch, on a hallway table or on a coffee table. It’s important to combine style and function whenever possible when it comes to apartment redecorating, and table lamps can serve both purposes.

Idea # 4 – Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are directional lights that cast most of its light downward. The area underneath and surrounding the pendant lights are bright as a result.  These lights are most often suspended from the ceiling, and work great in kitchen and dining room settings, but you can use them in any room where you would like to focus the light on an area or object. You can buy pendant lights to match just about any apartment decorating style. If your apartment already came with them, consider using brighter bulbs to make the room brighter.

As you’re working on brighter lighting in your apartment redecorating project, keep in mind energy efficiency and heat. It’s easy to raise your electric bill in the process, and using the wrong bulbs can cause your apartment to feel a lot warmer. You might want that in the wintertime, but not in when you’re in the middle of a summer heat wave.

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