Apartment Noise: 4 Signs to Look for before Moving In

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One element to look for when you’re searching for a new place to live is apartment noise. You could end up living next door to a noisy neighbor, or in an area that gets noisy at certain times each day. Trying to change your circumstances can be difficult at best and impossible in some instances. You should avoid it in the first place by looking for these signs before moving in:

Sign #1 – Within the Vicinity of a Hospital

Living near a hospital may give you peace of mind in the sense that you can get immediate help for you and your family if there’s an accident or injury. On the other hand, you’re not likely going to live in a peaceful environment. There’s the noise from ambulances entering and existing the hospital, as well as constant traffic to and from the hospital by individuals. You’ll hear noise at all times during the day and night because it is a hospital, and there are always emergencies. It’s better to live outside of a 10 mile radius of the hospital if you can.

Sign # 2 – Near a Fire Station

The same issues you’ll face with apartment noise living near a hospital, exists when you live near a fire station. You never know when a fire truck has to respond to a fire, and it may be at a time when you’re trying to sleep or get concentrated work done. Some renters get duped into thinking that there aren’t many fires in a location, and that the fire station is relatively quiet.

That’s a risk that you shouldn’t take if you have other options for renting an apartment. The fire station may be required to fulfill drill and training requirements throughout the year, even if there aren’t actual fires to respond to. You’ll still be impacted by the noise whether or not there’s a real fire.

Sign # 3 – Frequent Parties

Before you rent any apartment, you should drive by to see what nightlife is like in the area. The best times to go are on the weekends, and if you can, go a couple of weekends in a row. If the apartment community or apartment building that you’re considering is known for partying, you’ll be able to see if for yourself. There’s little that you can do about apartment noise resulting from partying, if it’s the norm. The landlord would have done something about it if it was a concern. You’ll have little influence as a new tenant, so it’s better to avoid it.

Sign # 4 – Barking Dogs

Pay attention to barking dogs when you’re on apartment tours, or when you inspecting the apartment from the outside. You moving in is not going to change the fact that your neighbor has a barking dog. If you know in advance that you can’t stand apartment noise that comes from a barking dog, then it’s better to move on to another apartment.

You don’t have to suffer from apartment noise. It’s impossible to avoid all apartment noise, but you can minimize it by staying clear of obvious noise nuisances.

2 Responses to “Apartment Noise: 4 Signs to Look for before Moving In”

  1. November 17, 2010 at 5:09 pm, Ryan VanDenabeele said:

    Dogs and party people are going to be hard to figure out before moving in. I wonder if you can ask the type of construction of the building to guess at how noise buffering the walls are going to be?



  2. February 06, 2011 at 7:26 pm, Anne said:

    I agree with Ryan, although dogs might be easier to figure out than people noise. Besides, the people noise might come from adjoining property – not the apartment complex itself. When I looked at my apartment 2 or 3 times, it was quiet and I didn’t know that the fenced in businesses nearby involved some sort of trucking operation, possibly involving loading containers onto trains that travel on the nearby railroad tracks. So, even though it was quiet the times I was there to look at the place, there is a fair amount of noise there, even late at night. Also, there could be a quiet apartment or neighbor nearby but they move and it isn’t quiet anymore.


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