Apartment Living: Making Guests Feel Comfortable

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Even though not typically spacious, apartment living does not mean you cannot house visiting guests. With a little preparing and forethought, you can easily make your guests comfortable during their visit. The following are tips geared towards keeping your visitors relaxed.

Keep It Neat

While you may not be the neatest person, it is important that you keep your apartment organized and clean during your guests’ visit. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, smelly foods in the refrigerator or garbage or dirty laundry where it might be visible. A messy house can make guests uncomfortable or as though they are intruding because they will constantly need to walk around or avoid your belongings. Even worse, your guests may feel as though they should take out the trash or do the dishes to help you out.

Plan the Days

Have a list or just a general idea of places to show your guests. Plan the days you will visit each site, how you will get there and what you will need to bring, such as lunch, or anticipate, such as long lines. If you will not be sight-seeing with your guests, make a list of the places to see, including their address, directions to and from their locations and any other pertinent information.

It is also essential that you have a food plan in place for the time of your guest’s visit. Determine which nights you will cook and which nights you will eat out. Pre-purchase any ingredients you need for cooking so that you will not need to drag your guests to the grocery store. Make reservations and know the address and driving directions to the restaurants you intend to visit.

Fresh flowers brighten up your apartment for guests.

Fresh flowers brighten up your apartment for guests.

Compromise Some of Your Bathroom Routines

If you live in a one bathroom apartment, you must be careful to share the space equally with your guests. Take those parts of your grooming routine that do not require being in the bathroom to your bedroom so that the bathroom will be free for use by the guests. Do not take overly long showers and get ready earlier rather than later so there will be no rushing or being late due to the bathroom being unavailable.

Note that while you may have to share the bathroom, it is unnecessary for you to give up your bedroom. Unless your guests are elderly or require special sleeping circumstances, it is perfectly acceptable for you to maintain your bedroom as your own during the visit.

Stock the Pantry

Nothing says “welcome” more to guests than a pantry stocked with their favorites. Prior to your guest’s arrival, purchase the snacks or other food items your guests love so they will be on hand during their visit. If you do not know their favorite foods, you can take them to the grocery store to pick some out, but it is still better to not have to waste time during their visit on a trip to the store.

Keep Quiet

Make your home a quiet, calming space during your guests visit. Do not talk loudly on the phone or play video games or watch movies with the sound very high while your guests are sleeping or spending time indoors. Regardless of your relationship, do not fight with your guests as this will make everyone in the apartment uncomfortable. Also, do not share overly personal information or stories unless appropriate.

Opening your home to guests is an extremely generous gesture, but your responsibility does not end with the offer. Truly make your guests feel welcome in your apartment by keeping it neat and clean, sharing the space equally, and giving directions and ideas of things to do during the visit. Most of all, though, be yourself, because your guests came to see you, too!

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