Apartment Jacuzzi Etiquette: 5 Dos and Don’ts

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A jacuzzi at your very apartment complex is a luxury, and it’s often a big selling point when landlords are seeking tenants. Beyond the glitz and glamor of living in an apartment complex with its own jacuzzi come some questions on what you should be doing, and whether other tenants’ questionable habits are really up to par. Here are some things you should do and refrain from doing in the jacuzzi at your apartment.

1. Do Shower First

What some people don’t realize is that the jacuzzi isn’t a bathtub where you can clean yourself. It’s proper etiquette to shower first before you go into the jacuzzi. Grab a clean swimsuit directly after showering, then go straight to the jacuzzi. It’s unsanitary and inconsiderate to others for you to go straight from a workout or busy day, right into the jacuzzi without showering and cleaning up first.

2. Don’t Remove Your Swimsuit

Some people make the mistake of assuming that they can go nude in a jacuzzi, especially if it’s one in their own apartment building. However, a jacuzzi shared by all tenants is not to be considered private. Keep your swimsuit top and bottom on in a jacuzzi at all times. Keep in mind that the rules in each apartment building may differ, and partial nudity may be allowed in some areas. Regardless, refrain from ever taking off your swimsuit bottoms in a jacuzzi for sanitary and courtesy reasons.

3. Don’t Make Out in  a Jacuzzi

How you behave in a jacuzzi is important. Most people come there to relax, so you need not play 20 questions with the neighbors if you run into them there. However, being polite and considerate is key. If you are hanging out with your husband in the jacuzzi, it’s not okay to start making out, even if nobody is there at the moment. People walk by and may opt for the jacuzzi without your realizing they’ve arrived if you’re in an intense make out session. Instead, skip it. Think of how your actions may make others feel. Think of how awkward you might feel if you went to the pool and found a couple kissing passionately where you had hoped to relax.

4. Do Remember that Water Is Transparent

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that what they do in a jacuzzi is somehow private. That’s simply not the case. The water in a jacuzzi is as transparent as that in a swimming pool. If you are making flirtations to your significant other in the water, keep in mind that it can be seen and make others using the facilities or even walking nearby very uncomfortable. Show your neighbors and fellow jacuzzi revelers the respect that you would like to see given to yourself.

5. Don’t Forget to Leave It as You Found It

Many jacuzzi tubs allow temporary users to change the settings. If you are allowed to do so, be sure to turn it back to its customary settings. A landlord may get very flustered if you are running up bills unnecessarily or messing with the comfort settings that most other tenants prefer. If you turn off bubbles, turn them back on, and vice versa. When in doubt, ask your landlord for clarification and for his etiquette tips.

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