Apartment Dweller’s Guide to Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners range in prices from affordable to very expensive. Buying a more expensive one doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best one for your apartment. The right vacuum cleaner for you depends on your needs as well as storage considerations. Here’s a guide on vacuum cleaners to help you make a decision:

To Bag or Not To Bag

Older vacuums required users to buy a bag to go with the vacuum. When the bag filled with dirt, you would have to remove it and insert a new bag. The bags cost money, and you would have to buy several at a time if you didn’t want to be stuck without a bag. You cannot operate the vacuum without one. These vacuum cleaners still exist today, but busy apartment dwellers often choose a bagless one to avoid the costs and hassle of replacing bags. One problem to keep in mind with a bagless vacuum cleaner is that you have to empty out the dirt which can get into the air. If you suffer from allergies, you may prefer a bag that you can throw away.

Upright Models

The best vacuum cleaner for carpets is an upright vacuum cleaner. You can also use it on floors, instead of a broom. Upright vacuum cleaners are heavy or lightweight, and some require bags, while others use no bags. You should consider a lightweight model, because it’s easy to use in your apartment and store. It’s much easier to move one when you’re moving out, or resell if it’s in good condition. Many of the major brands, such as Eureka, offer light weight models that are bagless and affordable. These also have attachments that you can use to clean underneath beds and near corners.

Canister Models

With a canister model, you can vacuum window treatments, stairs, furniture and other areas of your apartment better than upright vacuum cleaners.  You can control canister vacuum cleaners much better too. For example, when you use upright vacuum cleaner attachments while cleaning fabric, it can be difficult to clean without stopping often to pull out the fabric that gets sucked up by the vacuum. That won’t happen with a canister model because you have better control when using one. You can store a canister vacuum cleaner underneath your bed, but some models are bulky and they can be harder to store than upright vacuum cleaners.

Handheld Models

When you want to clean small areas or your car, you should consider buying handheld vacuum cleaners. The two options in this category are cordless or corded. They are not as powerful as an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, but they can clean surface areas. You can use them on bare floors as well as on carpets. The dirt holding capacity is low, so you’ll have to empty out the dirt more often as well.

These are the best choices for vacuum cleaners while you’re renting. Other types of vacuum cleaners  are more suitable for homeowners, or they’re not worth buying because of their poor performance.

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